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Prof. dr. H.H.M. (Erma) Hermens

Faculty of Humanities
Capaciteitsgroep Kunstgeschiedenis

Visiting address
  • Turfdraagsterpad 15
Postal address
  • Postbus 94551
    1090 GN Amsterdam
Contact details
  • Publications


    • Bossema, F. G., Domínguez-Delmás, M., Palenstijn, W. J., Kostenko, A., Dorscheid, J., Coban, S. B., Hermens, E., & Batenburg, K. J. (2021). A novel method for dendrochronology of large historical wooden objects using line trajectory X-ray tomography. Scientific Reports, 11, [11024]. [details]
    • D'imporzano, P., Batur, K., Keune, K., Koornneef, J. M., Hermens, E., Noble, P., van Zuilen, K., & Davies, G. R. (2021). Lead isotope heterogeneity in lead white: From lead white raw pigment to canvas. Microchemical Journal, 163, [105897].
    • Domínguez-Delmás, M., Bossema, F. G., Dorscheid, J., Coban, S. B., Hall-Aquitania, M., Batenburg, K. J., & Hermens, E. (2021). X-ray computed tomography for non-invasive dendrochronology reveals a concealed double panelling on a painting from Rubens’ studio. PLoS ONE, 16(8), e0255792.
    • Serrano, A., Meijer, S., van Rijn, R. R., Coban, S. B., Reissland, B., Hermens, E., Batenburg, K. J., & van Bommel, M. (2021). A non-invasive imaging approach for improved assessments on the construction and the condition of historical knotted-pile carpets. Journal of Cultural Heritage, 47, 79-88. [details]



    • Noble, P., van Duijn, E., Hermens, E., Keune, K., van Loon, A., Smelt, S., ... Erdmann, R. (2018). An Exceptional Commission: Conservation History, Treatment and Painting Technique of Rembrandt’s Marten and Oopjen, 1634. The Rijksmuseum Bulletin, 66(4), 308-345. [details]


    • van Bommel, M., Albano Serrano, A. F., Erdmann, R. G. & Hermens, H. H. M. (2018). CarpetACT - Automated interpretation of X-radiographs and CT scans to assess Islamic carpet construction.

    Talk / presentation

    • van Bommel, M. (speaker), Albano Serrano, A. (speaker), Meijer, S. (speaker), Erdmann, R. (speaker), van Rijn, R. R. (speaker), Coban, S. (speaker), Reissland, B. (speaker), Memariam, S. (speaker), van Dijk, S. (speaker) & Hermens, E. (speaker) (3-12-2020). The CarpetAct project, NICAS project week 2020, Amsterdam.
    • Albano Serrano, A. (speaker), Erdmann, R. (speaker), Meijer, S. (speaker), van Dijk, S. (speaker), Hermens, E. (speaker), van Rijn, R. (speaker), Coban, S. (speaker) & van Bommel, M. (speaker) (12-9-2019). The CarpetACT Project: A Non-Invasive Automatic Approach for Unprecedented Interpretations about The Construction of Islamic Carpets, Dressing The Early Modern Network Conference 2019, Lisbon.
    • Albano Serrano, A. (speaker), Meijer, S. (speaker), Erdmann, R. (speaker), van Rijn, R. R. (speaker), Coban, S. (speaker), Reissland, B. (speaker), van Dijk, S. (speaker), Hermens, E. (speaker) & van Bommel, M. (speaker) (12-9-2019). 'The CarpetACT Project: A non-invasive automatic approach for unprecedented interpretations about the construction of Islamic carpets, Dressing The Early Modern Network Conference 2019, Lisbon.
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  • Ancillary activities
    • ArtMatters
      Editor in Chief / Hoofdredakteur
    • Rijksmuseum
      Conservator Technische Kunstgeschiedenis