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Dr. H.J. (Anja) Hiddinga

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
Programme group: Anthropology of Health, Care and the Body
Photographer: onbekend

Visiting address
  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
Postal address
  • Postbus 15509
    1001 NA Amsterdam
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  • Profile

    Titel nieuwe paragraaf

    Anja Hiddinga is Assistent Professor in the Department of Anthropology and Sociology and staff member of the ASSR. With a background in Science and Technology Studies, in the past her research focused on cognitive development of knowledge in the clinical sciences (especially obstetrics) and the social construction of notions of health and disease. This line of work will now be concluded with an analysis of the classification of autism.
    She also wrote on the development of medical history as a discipline and of particular models of analysis in the medical sciences.
    At present, her research is focusing more on deafness and sign language. Deaf people consider themselves not as disabled, but as a members of a cultural minority with sign language as its language. Social and technological changes now affecting the deaf community bring up interesting questions about identity and belonging and the social and individual construction of notions of normality andabnormality. These questions are guiding her new line of research.
    Apart from articles and other written texts, Anja Hiddinga makes documentaries and experimnetal films on deafness and sign language.

  • Publications



    • Hiddinga, A., & Collectif de recherche Beyond hearing. Cultures Overlooked (2018). Vieillir ensemble ou les expressions d'un sentiment d'appartenance: Les personnes sourdes en institution aux Pays-Bas. Ethnologie Française, 171, 515-526. [details]


    • Brenman, N. F., Hiddinga, A., & Wright, B. (2017). Intersecting Cultures in Deaf Mental Health: An Ethnographic Study of NHS Professionals Diagnosing Autism in D/deaf Children. Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry, 41(3), 431-452. [details]


    • Crasborn, O., & Hiddinga, A. (2015). The paradox of international sign: the importance of deaf-hearing encounters for deaf-deaf communication across sign language borders. In M. Friedner, & A. Kusters (Eds.), It's a small world: international deaf spaces and encounters (pp. 59-69). Washington, DC: Gallaudet University Press. [details]


    • Hiddinga, A. (2014). Politieke praktijken van witte dolfijnen, vissersliederen, luchtkwaliteit…: Tim Choy’s poëtische etnografie van milieu-activisme in Hongkong [Bespreking van: T. Choy (2011) Ecologies of comparison : an ethnography of endangerment in Hong Kong]. Sociologie, 10(3/4), 405-410. [details]



    • Blume, S., & Hiddinga, A. (2010). Disability Studies as an academic field: reflections on its development. Medische Antropologie, 22(2), 225-236. [details]
    • Hiddinga, H. J., Pols, A. J., Trakas, D., & van der Geest, J. D. M. (Eds.) (2010). Care and Health Care. Medische Antropologie, 22(1).


    • Hiddinga, H. J. (Author). (2017). The art of signing: generational differences in Deaf people’s signing practices. Manuscript in preparation. Digital or Visual Products



    • Hiddinga, A. (2012). Doof of gehandicapt? In G. De Clerck, & R. Pinxten (Eds.), Gebarentaal zegt alles: bijdragen rond diversiteit en gebarentaal vanuit emancipatorisch perspectief (pp. 88-102). Leuven [etc.]: Acco. [details]


    • Hiddinga, A. (2009). In memory of Olga Amsterdamska. Medische Antropologie, 21(2), 297-300. [details]


    • Hiddinga, A., Sijm, N., Benoist, M., Herzog, M., de Langen, M., Buts, K., & Brock, M. (2017). Verslag activiteiten project verhuizen.... Waarom? Daarom. Universiteit van Amsterdam. [details]


    • Hiddinga, H. J. (2017). Practices of belonging: claiming Deaf subjectivity in elderly care..


    • Hiddinga, H. J. (2016). Growing old together. Deafness and aging in the context of cutbacks in care..
    • Hiddinga, H. J. (2016). Signing and non signing practices in Dutch elderly deaf people. Abstract from 4S/EaSST, Barcelona, .


    • Hiddinga, H. J. (2014). Against all odds: quality of care in a national center for elderly deaf people in The Netherlands.. Abstract from EASA 2014, .


    • Hiddinga, H. J. (Author). (2012). I Sign, I Live. Digital or Visual Products, Stichting Geelprodukt.


    • Hiddinga, H. J. (2014). honorary mentioning documentary over 30 minutes for 'ik gebaar ik leef'.
    • Hiddinga, H. J. (2014). best documentary at Seattle Deaf Film Festival voor: 'ik gebaar ik leef'.
    • Hiddinga, H. J. (2014). Best documentary at: 6th ETNOFILm Festival for 'ik gebaar ik leef'.
    • Hiddinga, H. J. (2013). best documentary for 'ik gebaar ik leef'.
    • Hiddinga, H. J. (2013). 1. student jury for best documentary and 2. special jury prize ‘group albatros’ for best documentary.
    • Hiddinga, H. J. (2013). best full length documentary for 'ik gebaar ik leef'.
    • Hiddinga, H. J. (2012). 'Ik gebaar, Ik leef'.


    • Hiddinga, H. J. (2016-2019). Member think tank Heroes, Victims and Villains. This initiative aims to discuss the public image of people with disability and their representation (…), Heroes, Victims and Villains.
    • Hiddinga, H. J. (2015-2019). Member and co-organizer of Anthro Screening Room group, screening visual anthropological documentaries and hosting discussions with film makers and (…), Anthro Screening Room.
    • Hiddinga, A. (2014-2018). The main purpose of this COST action is to enhance scientific knowledge and attention to ageism by integrating disciplines, developing (…), COST Action IS1402 on Ageism.
    • Hiddinga, H. J. (2011-2019). Board member Stichting Mutesounds. (Stichting Mutesonds wants to bridge the gap between hearing, deaf and hard of hearing youth through organizing (…), Stichting Mutesounds.

    Media appearance

    • Hiddinga, H. J. (15-01-2016). Interview bij: Tijd voor Max [Radio] Netherlands, Radio 5. Interview bij: Tijd voor Max.
    • Hiddinga, H. J. (15-01-2016). Doven als culturele groep [Radio] Hilversum, Radio 1. Doven als culturele groep.

    Journal editor

    • Hiddinga, A. (editor) (2017-2020). Woord & Gebaar - Onafhankelijk Dovenblad (Journal).
    • Hiddinga, H. J. (editor) (2016-2019). Woord & Gebaar - Onafhankelijk Dovenblad (Journal).

    Talk / presentation

    • Hiddinga, A. (speaker) & Sijm, N. (speaker) (29-9-2018). Niet enkel en alleen D/doof., Werelddovendag 2018, Leeuwarden.
    • Hiddinga, A. (speaker) (14-6-2018). Practices of belonging: claiming Deafness in elderly care, Leiden University Center for Linguistics.
    • Hiddinga, A. (speaker) (1-5-2018). Doof kind, Doof Kind. , Amsterdam.
    • Hiddinga, A. (speaker) (11-4-2018). Wat is een goed leven als je ouder wordt en doof bent?, Informatiemiddagen voor Ouderen , Rotterdam.
    • Hiddinga, A. (speaker) (15-2-2018). Debatavond, Debatavond Filmhuis Den Haag , Den Haag.
    • Hiddinga, A. (speaker) (12-2-2018). People with disabilities, the challenges of inclusion, Studium Generale Universiteit Utrecht, Utrecht.
    • Hiddinga, A. (speaker) (14-12-2017). History Research Seminar, Lectures, History Research Seminar, Amsterdam, 2017, Amsterdam.
    • Hiddinga, A. (speaker) (30-11-2017). 3rd International Disability Studies Conference Amsterdam, 3rd International Disability Studies Conference Amsterdam, Amsterdam.
    • Hiddinga, A. (speaker) (16-11-2017). AISSR Harvest Day 2017: Democracy & Governance, Diversity and Societal Impact, AISSR Harvest Day.
    • Hiddinga, A. (speaker) (4-10-2017). German Anthropological Association Conference 2017: Zugehorigheiten, German Anthropological Association Conference 2017, Berlin.
    • Hiddinga, A. (speaker) (23-9-2017). Beyond Hearing. Cultures Overlooked., Werelddovendag 2017, Amsterdam.
    • Hiddinga, A. (speaker) (21-8-2017). Kwaliteit van leven bij oudere dove mensen: de rol van De Gelderhorst, Seminar Management team Woon- en Zorgcentrum De Gelderhorst , Ede.
    • Hiddinga, A. (speaker) (22-5-2017). Verhuizen... Waarom? Daarom!, Stichting Handgebaar.
    • Hiddinga, A. (speaker) (19-5-2017). Solidarity and visual anthropology, Dag van de Antropologie, Utrecht.
    • Hiddinga, A. (invited speaker) (24-2-2017). Film en wetenschap: twee verschillende talen?, Documentary Institute Amsterdam.
    • Hiddinga, A. (speaker) (24-1-2017). Woonwensen oudere doven in Nederland, Centrum voor Oudere Doven De Gelderhorst .
    • Hiddinga, A. (speaker) (12-11-2016). DOVENGEMEENSCHAP???, Launch website Doof Gewoon, Nijmegen.
    • Hiddinga, A. (speaker) (2-2-2016). Doofheid, meer dan hoorverlies., Lezingencyclus voor medisch studenten Radboud universiteit. , NIjmegen.
    • Hiddinga, H. J. (speaker) (14-1-2016). Mind the Gap, Symposium in the Special Guests program of Van Abbe Museum Eindhoven on Deaf Disability and Arts. , Eindhoven.
    • Hiddinga, A. (speaker) (14-1-2016). Inclusion and accessibility: deaf people and museums., Van Abbe Museum.
    • Hiddinga, H. J. (invited speaker) (24-11-2012). Doof een diability?, Lezing op uitnodiging voor studiedag ‘Gebarentaal zegt alles’, Universiteit van Gent, Gent.
    • Hiddinga, H. J. (invited speaker) (9-6-2012). Deaf Gain: De Schoonheid van Poezie in gebarentaal, Stuy day 'Deaf Gain' lectoraat Dovenstudies, Hogeschool Utrecht.


    • Hiddinga, A. (participant) (10-12-2018). Kriterion, CinemaDiscutabel, Amsterdam. Moderator en panellid voor bespreking documentaire Heartboud met de Deense regisseuse Sine Plambech (participating in a conference, workshop, ...).
    • Hiddinga, H. J. (organiser) (20-4-2018). Deaf studies international working conference, Amsterdam. Workshop: Beyond Hearing. Cultures Overlooked (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
    • Hiddinga, A. (participant) (14-3-2018). Ronde Tafel gesprekken Gelderhorst - Toekomst van zorg en dienstverlening, Ede. Ronde tafelgesprekken (participating in a conference, workshop, ...).
    • Hiddinga, A. (examiner) (13-10-2017). PhD defense Ms. Beryl Ndongwa Bamu (examination).
    • Hiddinga, A. (participant) (16-6-2017). Cineblend Festival (other).
    • Hiddinga, A. (examiner) (18-5-2017). PhD defense Mr. Prachatip Kata (examination).
    • Hiddinga, A. (organiser) (20-4-2017). Deaf studies international working conference, Amsterdam. Working conference with the most prominent deaf academics in Europe about the developments in deaf studies and the future of the field. (participating in a conference, workshop, ...).
    • Hiddinga, A. (organiser) (6-2-2017 - 12-2-2017). Visiting scholar Prof. Michele Friedheim, Amsterdam. Organizing one week visit of well known American scholar in Deaf Studies, with two presentations, attended by scholars from all over The Netherlands (…) (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
    • Hiddinga, A. (host) (6-2-2017 - 12-2-2017). Michele Friedheim (hosting a visitor).
    • Hiddinga, A. (organiser) (5-2016). Workshop voor voor professionals in de zorg aan dove mensen, Ede. In de zorg zijn grote veranderingen aan de gang. Cliënten en professionals krijgen te maken met kleinere budgetten en nieuwe regelingen. (…) (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
    • Hiddinga, H. J. (organiser) (14-1-2016). Public discussion on Deaf people and art, Eindhoven. Mind the Gap (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
    • Hiddinga, H. J. (organiser) (2016 - 2017). International seminar series Beyond Hearing. Cultures Overlooked, Amsterdam (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
    • Hiddinga, A. (participant) (19-11-2014 - 18-11-2018). COST meeting Eindhoven, Eindhoven. COST Action: IS1402 (participating in a conference, workshop, ...).


    • Castillo, N. C. T. (2019). Kagalingan: The Filipino’s search for well-being, happiness and health. [details]
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  • Ancillary activities
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