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Dr G.G. (Gijs) van Houwelingen

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Economics and Business
Section Strategy & International Business

Visiting address
  • Plantage Muidergracht 12
  • Room number: 2.22
Postal address
  • Postbus 15953
    1001 NL Amsterdam
  • Publications
    • Van Houwelingen, G.G., Stam, D.A., & Giessner, S.R. (2017). So close and yet so far away: A psychological distance account of the effectiveness of leader appeals. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, manuscript accepted for publication.

    • Van Dijke, M.H., Van Houwelingen, G.G., De Cremer, D., & De Schutter, L. (2017). So gross and yet so far away: Psychological distance moderates the effect of disgust on moral judgment. Social Psychology and Personality Science, manuscript accepted for publication.

    • Van Houwelingen, G.G., Van Dijke, M.H., & De Cremer, D. (2017). Fairness enactment as response to higher level unfairness: The roles of self-construal and spatial distance. Journal of Management, 43, 319 – 347.

    • Van Houwelingen, G.G., Van Dijke, M.H., & De Cremer, D. (2017). Trust maintenance as a function of construal level and attributions: The case of apologies. European Journal of Social Psychology, advance online publication. doi: 10.1002/ejsp.2291.

    • Van Houwelingen, G.G., Hoogervorst, N., Van Dijke, M.H., & Versteegt, L.  (2017). Reflection and action: A study on moral learning consultation within Dutch prison authorities. In: M. Kowalski (ed.), Ethics of counterterrorism, Amsterdam: Boom.

    • Van Dijke, M.H., Van Houwelingen, G.G., & Hoogervorst, N. (2016). Werken aan emoties in moreel leeroverleg. Holland management review, 70, 69 - 71.

    • Van Houwelingen, G.G., Van Dijke, M.H., &  De Cremer, D. (2015). Getting it done and getting it right: Leader disciplinary reactions to followers’ moral transgressions are determined by construal level mindset. Leadership Quarterly, 26, 878 – 891.

    • Van Houwelingen, G.G. (2015). Something to rely on: the influence of stable and fleeting drivers on moral behavior (Doctoral dissertation).

    • Van Houwelingen, G.G., & Bouwmeester, O.  (2008). Situationele rationaliteit in publieke besluitvorming. Filosofie in Bedrijf, 18, 25 – 40.

  • Ancillary activities
    No ancillary activities