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Dr. N.F.F. (Norah) Karrouche

Faculty of Humanities
Capaciteitsgroep Archeologie

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  • Turfdraagsterpad 9
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  • Publications


    • Martínez Ortiz, C., Ordelman, R., Koolen, M., Noordegraaf, J., Melgar Estrada, L., Aroyo, L., Blom, J., De Boer, V., Melder, W., van Gorp, J., Baaren, E., Beelen, K., Karrouche, N., Inel, O., Kiewik, R., Karavellas, T., & Poell, T. (2017). From Tools to “Recipes”: Building a Media Suite within the Dutch Digital Humanities Infrastructure CLARIAH. In Digital Humanities Benelux Conference


    • Ordelman, R., Martínez Ortiz, C., Melgar Estrada, L. M., Koolen, M., Blom, J., Melder, W., van Gorp, J., de Boer, V., Karavellas, T., Aroyo, L., Poell, T., Karrouche, N., Baaren, E., Wassenaar, J., Noordegraaf, J. J., & Inel, O. (2018). Challenges in Enabling Mixed Media Scholarly Research with Multi-media Data in a Sustainable Infrastructure. 246-250. Paper presented at Digital Humanities Congress 2018, .


    • Blom, J., Koolen, M., Melgar Estrada, L., Boot, P., Haentjens Dekker, R., Olesen, C., ... Wegter, R. (2017). A Demonstration of Scholarly Web Annotation Support Using the W3C Annotation Data Model and RDFa. Abstract from Big Video Sprint 2017, Aalborg, Denmark.


    • Noordegraaf, J. (participant), Melgar Estrada, L. M. (participant), Aroyo, L. (participant), Martinez-Ortiz, C. (participant), Ordelman, R. (participant), Koolen, M. H. A. (participant), Blom, J. (participant), de Boer, V. (participant), Melder, W. (participant), van Gorp, J. (participant), Baaren, E. (participant), Beelen, K. (participant), Karrouche, N. F. F. (participant), Inel, O. (participant), van Vliet, I. (participant), Oomen, J. (participant), Karavellas, T. (participant), Wassenaar, J. (participant), Silva Navarrete, E. (participant) & Poell, T. (participant) (6-6-2018 - 8-6-2018). CLARIAH Media Suite: Enabling Scholarly Research for Distributed Audiovisual and Mixed Media Data Sets in a Sustainable Infrastructure. (other).
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  • Ancillary activities
    No known ancillary activities