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Dr. S.Y. (Yoshi) Maezumi

Marie Curie Fellow
Faculty of Science

Visiting address
  • Science Park 904
Postal address
  • Postbus 94240
    1090 GE Amsterdam
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  • Publications


    • Bush, M. B., Nascimento, M. N., Åkesson, C. M., Cárdenes-Sandí, G., Maezumi, S. Y., Behling, H., Correa-Metrio, A., Church, W., Huisman, S. N., Kelly, T., Mayle, F. E., & McMichael, C. N. H. (2021). Widespread reforestation before European influence on Amazonia. Science, 372(6541), 484-487., reforestation before European influence on Amazonia [details]
    • Maezumi, S. Y., Gosling, W. D., Kirschner, J., Chevalier, M., Cornelissen, H. L., Heinecke, T., & McMichael, C. N. H. (2021). A modern analogue matching approach to characterize fire temperatures and plant species from charcoal. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 578, [110580].
    • Robinson, M., Jaimes-Betancourt, C., Elliott, S., Maezumi, S. Y., Hilbert, L., Alves, D., Gregorio de Souza, J., & Iriarte, J. (2021). Anthropogenic soil and settlement organisation in the Bolivian Amazon. Geoarchaeology, 36(3), 388-403. [details]
    • Smith, R. J., Mayle, F. E., Maezumi, S. Y., & Power, M. J. (2021). Relating pollen representation to an evolving Amazonian landscape between the last glacial maximum and Late Holocene. Quaternary Research, 99, 63-79. [details]


    • Barnett, R. L., Charman, D. J., Johns, C., Ward, S. L., Bevan, A., Bradley, S. L., Camidge, K., Fyfe, R. M., Gehrels, W. R., Gehrels, M. J., Hatton, J., Khan, N. S., Marshall, P., Maezumi, S. Y., Mills, S., Mulville, J., Perez, M., Roberts, H. M., Scourse, J. D., ... Stevens, T. (2020). Nonlinear landscape and cultural response to sea-level rise. Science Advances, 6(45), [eabb6376]. [details]
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    • Iriarte, J., Elliott, S., Maezumi, S. Y., Alves, D., Gonda, R., Robinson, M., Gregorio de Souza, J., Watling, J., & Handley, J. (2020). The origins of Amazonian landscapes: Plant cultivation, domestication and the spread of food production in tropical South America. Quaternary Science Reviews, 248, [106582]. [details]
    • McLauchlan, K. K., Higuera, P. E., Miesel, J., Rogers, B. M., Schweitzer, J., Shuman, J. K., Tepley, A. J., Varner, J. M., Veblen, T. T., Adalsteinsson, S. A., Balch, J. K., Baker, P., Batllori, E., Bigio, E., Brando, P., Cattau, M., Chipman, M. L., Coen, J., Crandall, R., ... Watts, A. C. (2020). Fire as a fundamental ecological process: Research advances and frontiers. Journal of Ecology, 108(5), 2047-2069. [details]
    • de Oliveira, E. A., Marimon-Junior, B. H., Marimon, B. S., Iriarte, J., Morandi, P. S., Maezumi, S. Y., Nogueira, D. S., Aragão, L. E. O. C., da Silva, I. B., & Feldpausch, T. R. (2020). Legacy of Amazonian Dark Earth soils on forest structure and species composition. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 29(9), 1458-1473. [details]



    • Kistler, L., Yoshi Maezumi, S., Gregorio de Souza, J., Przelomska, N. A. S., Costa, F. M., Smith, O., Loiselle, H., Ramos-Madrigal, J., Wales, N., Ribeiro, E. R., Morrison, R. R., Grimaldo, C., Prous, A. P., Arriaza, B., Thomas P Gilbert, M., De Oliveira Freitas, F., & Allaby, R. G. (2018). Multiproxy evidence highlights a complex evolutionary legacy of maize in South America. Science, 362(6420), 1309-1313.
    • Maezumi, S. Y., Alves, D., Robinson, M., Gregorio de Souza, J., Levis, C., Barnett, R. L., Almeida de Oliveira, E., Urrego, D., Schaan, D., & Iriarte, J. (2018). The legacy of 4,500 years of polyculture agroforestry in the eastern Amazon. Nature Plants, 4(8), 540-547.
    • Maezumi, S. Y., Robinson, M., Souza, J. D., Urrego, D. H., Schaan, D., Alves, D., & Iriarte, J. (2018). New insights from pre-Columbian land use and fire management in Amazonian dark earth forests. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 6, [111].
    • Maezumi, S. Y., Whitney, B. S., Mayle, F. E., Gregorio de Souza, J., & Iriarte, J. (2018). Reassessing climate and pre-Columbian drivers of paleofire activity in the Bolivian Amazon. Quaternary International, 488, 81-94.
    • Robinson, M., Gregorio De Souza, J., Maezumi, S. Y., Cárdenas, M., Pessenda, L., Prufer, K., Corteletti, R., Scunderlick, D., Mayle, F. E., De Blasis, P., & Iriarte, J. (2018). Uncoupling human and climate drivers of late Holocene vegetation change in southern Brazil. Scientific Reports, 8(1), [7800].


    • Marlon, J. R., Kelly, R., Daniau, A. L., Vannière, B., Power, M. J., Bartlein, P., Higuera, P., Blarquez, O., Brewer, S., Brücher, T., Feurdean, A., Romera, G. G., Iglesias, V., Yoshi Maezumi, S., Magi, B., Mustaphi, C. J. C., & Zhihai, T. (2016). Reconstructions of biomass burning from sediment-charcoal records to improve data-model comparisons. Biogeosciences, 13(11), 3225-3244.


    • Maezumi, S. Y., Power, M. J., Mayle, F. E., McLauchlan, K. K., & Iriarte, J. (2015). Effects of past climate variability on fire and vegetation in the cerrãdo savanna of the Huanchaca Mesetta, NE Bolivia. Climate of the Past, 11(6), 835-853.


    • Carter, V., Heinecke, L., & Maezumi, S. Y. (2018). Early-career scientists discuss paleoscience, future challenges. 11.
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