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Dr. ir. J. (Joeri) Naus

Action-Researcher Sustainable Urban Development
Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
GPIO : Governance and Inclusive Development

Visiting address
  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
Postal address
  • Postbus 15629
    1001 NC Amsterdam
  • Postbus 15629
    1001 NC Amsterdam
Contact details
  • General info

    As a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for Urban Studies I support knowledge co-creation with respect to interconnected infrastructures and circular urban development (see project description below). I have a background in environmental sciences and policy, and I wrote a PhD thesis entitled "The Social Dynamics of Smart Grids" (Wageningen University). Thematically my interest goes out to (i.a.) sustainability transitions, urban infrastructures and end-users. Aside from that, I am also interested in trans/inter-disciplinary cooperation and I enjoy working on conceptual questions.  

    About the project "Urban Linkages" (Koppelkansen)

    The co-creation trajectory" Urban Linkages: Water, Energy & Circularity" is an initiative by water cycle company Waternet, energy grid operator Liander and the Municipality of Amsterdam. By means of the method 'Reflexive Interactive Design' these actors examine together how the interconnection of infrastructures in the field of water, energy and waste can contribute to the realisation of a circular economy in the Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam. In particular my attention goes out to new Governance Arrangements for the development and management of such hybrid infrastructures. This includes, among other things, the division of responsibilities and authority between different actors, the interactions between different spatial scales, and the design of new business models for realising collective goals. Also the future visions of actors and changing value systems are part of the analysis. The aim of the project is to set up a number of pilot projects for hybrid infrastructures in Amsterdam, and to develop a post-academic course entitled "Working on System Transitions".

    See blogKoppelkansen Water, Energie & Circulariteit (in Dutch)

  • Publications

    PhD Thesis

    Naus J (2017) The Social Dynamics of Smart Grids: on Households, Information flows & Sustainable Energy Transitions. PhD Thesis, Wageningen University & Research, November. Available at:


    Journal articles

    Gort R and Naus J (2020) Het Amsterdamse warmtesysteem in transitie. Rooilijn 53 (1): 44-50.

    Naus J and Van der Horst HM (2017) Accomplishing information and change in a smart grid pilot: Linking domestic practices with policy interventions. Environment and Planning: Politics and Space 35: 379-396. Available at:

    Naus J, Van Vliet BJM and Hendriksen A (2015) Households as change agents in a Dutch smart energy transition: On power, privacy and participation. Energy research & social science 9: 125-136. Available at:

    Naus J, Spaargaren G, Van Vliet BJM and Van der Horst HM (2014) Smart grids, information flows and emerging domestic energy practices. Energy Policy 68: 436-446. Available at:


    Other publications

    Van Vliet BJM, Naus J, Smale R and Spaargaren G (2016) Emerging e-practices, information flows and the home: a (sociological) research agenda on smart energy systems. In:  Beaulieu A, De Wilde J and Scherpen J (eds) Smart Grids from a Global Perspective: Bridging Old and New Energy Systems. Cham: Springer, pp.217-234. Available at:

    Naus J, Spaargaren G, Van Vliet BJM and Van der Horst HM (2016) Will smart energy systems inspire a turnaround in sustainable energy consumption? In: Potters J, Termeer K and Opdam P (eds) Organising Sustainability in the Digital Age Results of the research programme Informational Governance for Sustainability 2012-2016, Wageningen University, June. Available at:

    Naus J, Van Vliet BJM and Hendriksen A (2015) Onderzoek: Privacy en autonomie cruciaal in duurzame energie-toekomst. Duurzaamnieuws, October. Available at:

    Naus J and Van Vliet BJM (2012) Over Spoelen en Vermalen: bewonersonderzoek naar percepties en gebruikerservaringen van het project Waterschoon in Sneek. Wageningen University, the Netherlands, March. Available at:

    Naus J (2010) The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM): an analysis of the state of play in Uganda. MSc Thesis, Wageningen University, the Netherlands, August. Available at:

    Scheuer S and Naus J (2010) 10 years of the water framework directive: a toothless tiger? A snapshot assessment of EU environmental ambitions. European Environmental Bureau, Belgium, July.

  • Publications

    Prize / grant

    • Hordijk, M., Grin, J. & Naus, J. (2020). Behaviour and Transitions: 'From adaptation and mitigation to regeneration. Transforming behaviour by changing the recursive relationship between behaviour and transition-relevant systems (TransB).

    Talk / presentation

    • van Alphen, H. J. (speaker), Naus, J. (speaker), van Duuren, D. (speaker) & Hordijk, M. (speaker) (26-11-2019). Kenniswerkplaats Meervoudige Waardecreatie in de Watersector, Brabant Water.
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  • Ancillary activities
    • No ancillary activities