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Ms N. (Nur) Ozgenalp MA

Faculty of Humanities
Capaciteitsgroep Media & Cultuur
Photographer: Nur Ozgenalp

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  • Turfdraagsterpad 9
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  • Profile / Education / Filmography


    Nur Özgenalp is a PhD Researcher at Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis. She is a Film and Television Studies scholar. Her PhD project concentrates on cultural, political, and social transformations by examining storytelling elements of television series and fiction film in relation to macropolitical movements. She is extensively experienced in filmmaking, screenwriting, and journalism as well as academia.



    2010 – date:   PhD, ASCA, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam.

                                promoter: Prof. Dr. Patricia Pisters

                                provisional doctoral thesis title: Televisual-image: Micropolitics of serial storytelling


    2009 – 2010:  PhD research, Cinema and Media Studies, with bursary, Bahcesehir University, Istanbul.

                                promoter: Prof. Dr. Selim Eyuboglu

                                provisional doctoral thesis title: Cyborgization and Decyborgization


    2003 – 2006:  MA, Film and Television, Teaching Assistant Fellowship, Istanbul Bilgi University,


                                promoter: Prof. Dr. Tuna Erdem

                                masters thesis title: Final Girl vs. Serial Killer: A Psychoanalytical Analysis of Female Victim-Heroes in Serial Killer Films


    1996 – 2002:  BA, Cinema-TV (Film Making), Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul.


    1993 – 1996:  Associate's degree, Italian Language and Literature, Istanbul University, Istanbul.



    Waiting for Rocko (2004)

    Walls (2002); film screenings: Walls, Filmmor Women’s Films Festival 2004; METU Film Festival 2004

    The Stick (2000)

    The Chest (2000)

    Virtual Reality (1999)




  • Teaching Appointments / Academic Work

    2016 – date:  Lecturer and Supervisor, Moving Image, AKI ArtEZ Enschede, Netherlands.

                                 Advanced Filmmaking

                                ​Camera Workshop



                                ​​Light Workshop



                                ​Scenario/ Transfer

                                ​Supervision of Projects

                                ​​Supervision of Finishing Projects


    2015 – date:   Lecturer, SAE, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, Netherlands.

                                Advanced Editing

                                ​Editing Theory and History

                                ​External Field Expert for Editing Examination

                                ​External Field Expert for Film Project Examination

                                ​Film Festivals

                                ​Film History

                                ​Influential Directors, Scripts, and Films

                                ​Sound and Image


                                ​​Student Film Evaluations


    2016 –2017:  Teacher, Amsterdam University College, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

                                ​​​Academic Writing Skills

                                ​​​Capstone Reader


    2012 – 2015: Coordinator, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

                                ASCA Deleuze Reading Group

                                Annual ASCA Deleuze Conference


    2008 – 2012: Lecturer, Izmir University of Economics, Izmir, Turkey.

                                Cinema in Turkey

                                Film History and Aesthetics

                                Media, Culture, and Technology


    2008 – 2012: Lecturer, Academy Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey.

                                Film Grammar

                                History of Cinema


                               ​ Turkish Film History


    2010 – 2010: Research project assistant, The Scientific and Technological Council of Turkey, Ankara, Izmir, Istanbul, Turkey.

    Project title: The Legislation and Inspection Activities and Roles of Female Deputies in Turkey 1935–2007.


    2008 – 2010: Teaching assistant, Adler International Learning Program, Istanbul, Turkey.

                               Guest lecturer, Support for Modern Life Association, Istanbul, Turkey.


    2003 – 2004: Teaching assistant, Department of TV Journalism, Istanbul Bilgi University, Istanbul, Turkey.

                                TV Programming

                                Online Journalism

                                Radio Programming

                                Audio-Visual Communication Techniques

                                Broadcast Announcing

                                Comparative Broadcasting Practices

                                Special Topics in Television Programming

                                Thesis Writing and Thesis Project

  • Publications / Lectures / Presentations


    Lectures and Presentations (Selection)

    • ‘Jon Snow and Daenerys Targeryan vote for the HDP: Micro- and macro-politics of becoming-other’ Coils of Politics and Aesthetics, International ASCA Deleuze Conference, UvA, July 2015.
    •  ‘Televisual Resistance: Political potentials of television series’ Artistic practice as an alternative to news media, Carism, Paris 2, June 2015.
    • ‘Cinematic storytelling: Film as a language system’ Film Seminar, SAE Institute Amsterdam, February 2015.
    •  ‘Becoming-woman in Once upon a time: Feminist practices on television’ LUCAS Graduate Conference 2015, Breaking the Rules! Cultural Reflections on Political, Religious and Aesthetic Transgressions. Leiden, January 2015.
    • ‘Resisting brains: Neuro-politics of Dollhouse’ The 2014 ASCA International Conference and Workshop, Amsterdam, April 2014.
    • ‘Echoing brains and bodies: Memory politics of Dollhouse’ Film- Philosophy Conference: Beyond Film, Amsterdam, July 2013.
    • ‘Neither here nor there: Opening titles on the fringes’ The 2013 ASCA International Conference and Workshop: “Practicing Theory”, Amsterdam, April 2013.
    • ‘Fringe Memories’ The NECS 2012 Conference: Time Networks: Screen Media and Memory, Lisbon, June 2012.
    • ‘Do not forget to take your daily violence by watching television series today!’ The 3rd Biennial Gender Studies Conference, International Conference on Gender / Violence, Izmir University of Economics, Izmir, April 2012.
    • ‘Slow and close journeys in high-speed and far away space’ The 2012 ASCA International Conference and Workshop: “Practicing Theory”, Amsterdam, March 2012. 
    •  ‘The lightness of being somebody else’ UvA 2011 Graduate Student Conference - What Happens Next: The Mechanics of Serialization, University of Amsterdam, March 2011.
    • ‘Forgetting and Remembering the Unfinished Business’ The 2011 ASCA International Conference and Workshop: “Practicing Theory”, Amsterdam, March 2011.
  • Workshops / Academic Activities

    Workshop and Academic Activities (Selection)

    • Organizer, The Annual National Deleuze Scholarship Conference: Machinic Ecologies, UvA, 2016
    • Organizer, International ASCA Deleuze Conference, UvA, 2014 and 2015.
    • Organizer, ASCA/NICA Masterclass with John Protevi, UvA, 2015.
    • Participant, Deleuze Camps, Lisbon 2013 and Istanbul 2014.
    • Participant in 2011 and 2013, Presenter in 2014, Magis International Film Studies Spring School, Udine and Gorizia, 2011 – 2014.
    • Director, BilgiTV, Istanbul Bilgi University, 2003 – 2004.
    • Academic representative, Social Sciences Institute, Istanbul Bilgi University, 2003-2004.
    • Coordinator of the Film Group and Participant in Fine Arts Group ‘Ecoart’ Workshop, Sicily, 1998.
    • Drama group participant, ‘Efetto Venezia’, Livorno Festival, Livorno, Italy, 1997.
    • Participant, Cinema Project, Legambiente International Youth Camp, Rome, Italy, 1997.
    • Participant, Cinema Project, ‘Hai Visto Quinto’, Rome, Italy, 1997.
    • Participant, Z1 Film Workshop, Istanbul 1996.
    • Participant, Scriptwriting Workshop with Safa Onal OKM, Istanbul University, 1995.
    • Participant, Cinema Club, OKM, Istanbul University, 1995.
    • Participant, Photography Club, OKM, Istanbul University, 1995.
    • Director of the play, Mahmud ile Yezida by Murathan Mungan, Drama Club, OKM, Istanbul University, 1994.
    • Representative, from Turkey, Lions Exchange Program, Sicily, Italy, 1992.
  • Publications


    • Ozgenalp, N. (2016). Lütfen, hafızanızdaki siyasi tarih boşluklarını dizilerle doldurun! 2000 sonrası Türkiye’de televizyon dizilerinde nostalji. In D. Bayrakdar (Ed.), Turk Film Arastirmalarinda Yeni Yonelimler 12: Sinema ve Bellek (pp. 141-160). Istanbul: Baglam.


    • Ozgenalp, N. (2017). Becoming-shewolf and the Ethics of Solidarity in Once Upon a Time: Feminist and Posthumanist Re-assembling of Little Red Riding Hood. In C. Gardner, & P. MacCormack (Eds.), Deleuze and the animal (pp. 176-196). (Deleuze Connections). Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. [details]


    • Ozgenalp, N. (2004). "Little Mermaids Swimming in the Patriarchal Seas". In P. Yoder, & P. M. Kreuter (Eds.), Monsters and the Monstrous: Myths and Metaphors of Enduring Evil
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  • Ancillary activities
    No known ancillary activities