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B.J. (Ben) Sutlieff MSc

Faculty of Science
Anton Pannekoek Institute of Astronomy
Photographer: Vladimir Domcek

Visiting address
  • Science Park 904
  • Room number: C4.144
Postal address
  • Postbus 94249
    1090 GE Amsterdam
Contact details
  • Publications


    • Doelman, D. S., Snik, F., Por, E. H., Bos, S. P., Otten, G. P. P. L., Kenworthy, M., Haffert, S. Y., Wilby, M., Bohn, A. J., Sutlieff, B. J., Miller, K., Ouellet, M., de Boer, J., Keller, C. U., Escuti, M. J., Shi, S., Warriner, N. Z., Hornburg, K. J., Birkby, J. L., ... Delacroix, C. (2021). The vector-apodizing phase plate coronagraph: design, current performance, and future development. Applied Optics, 60(19), D52-D72. [details]
    • Hinkley, S., Matthews, E. C., Lefevre, C., Lestrade, J-F., Kennedy, G., Mawet, D., Stapelfeldt, K. R., Ray, S., Mamajek, E., Bowler, B. P., Wilner, D., Williams, J., Ansdell, M., Wyatt, M., Lau, A., Phillips, M. W., Fernandez Fernandez, J., Gagné, J., Bubb, E., ... Mace, G. (2021). Discovery of an Edge-on Circumstellar Debris Disk around BD+45° 598: A Newly Identified Member of the β Pictoris Moving Group. Astrophysical Journal, [115]. [details]
    • Sutlieff, B. J., Bohn, A. J., Birkby, J. L., Kenworthy, M. A., Morzinski, K. M., Doelman, D. S., Males, J. R., Snik, F., Close, L. M., Hinz, P. M., & Charbonneau, D. (2021). High-contrast observations of brown dwarf companion HR 2562 B with the vector Apodizing Phase Plate coronagraph. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. [details]


    • Matthews, E., Hinkley, S., Vigan, A., Kennedy, G., Sutlieff, B., Wickenden, D., Treves, S., David, T., Meshkat, T., Mawet, D., Morales, F., Shannon, A., & Stapelfeldt, K. (2018). Constraining the presence of giant planets in two-belt debris disc systems with VLT/SPHERE direct imaging and dynamical arguments. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 480(2), 2757-2783.


    • Robson, D., Lau, H., O'Brien, Á., Williams, L., Sutlieff, B., Thiemann, H., McCaul, L., Weaver, G., & Dickens, T. (2020). Assessing the Impact of Space School UK. In N. Bannister, Á. O’Brien, & A. Kinnaird (Eds.), Proceedings of the 3rd Symposium on Space Educational Activities (pp. 138-144). University of Leicester. [details]


    • Birkby, J., Kenworthy, M. A., Bohn, A. J., Close, L. M., Snik, F., Morzinski, K. M., Males, J. R., Hinz, P. M., Sutlieff, B., Charbonneau, D. & Doelman, D. S. (19-7-2021). Reproduction package for the paper "High-contrast observations of brown dwarf companion HR 2562 B with the vector Apodizing Phase Plate coronagraph". Zenodo.
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  • Ancillary activities
    No ancillary activities