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Dr. G. (Gunay) Uslu

Faculty of Humanities
Capaciteitsgroep Algemene Cultuurwetenschappen
Photographer: onbekend

Visiting address
  • Turfdraagsterpad 15
Contact details
  • Dr. Gunay Uslu

    Dr. Gunay Uslu is researcher and lecturer on the History of European Culture, Heritage Studies, Museum Studies and Cultural Policy, Management and Organisation at the University of Amsterdam. She is a member of  the research school AHM (Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture) and the research group The East & Europe.

    Uslu became a doctor in 2015 at the University of Amsterdam. Her dissertation explores the Ottoman-Turkish involvement and interest in Homer and Troy, the first lieux de mémoire for ancient Greek civilization and a fundamental part of the collective identity of European nations, between 1870, when Schliemann started excavating on Ottoman soil, and the Battle of Gallipoli in 1915, when Troy became part of the heroic epic of the Turks. It explores long neglected Ottoman sources and brings the Ottoman and European experience and tradition regarding Homer and Troy together.

    Research interests are: history of European culture, cultural identity and politics, cultural policy, cultural heritage and museums, interactions and dynamics between East and West,  late nineteenth century and the interwar era.

    Uslu is member of the advisory and monitoring committee of museums attached to the Council for Culture, which advises the Dutch Government and Parliament on the arts, culture and media. She is member of the supervisory board of Eye Filmmuseum Amsterdam, member of the advisory board of Vereniging Rembrandt, Allard Pierson and Meer Jazz Festival, member of the board of Van Eesteren Museum and chairman of Corendon Foundation. Uslu is consultant for cultural and art institutions and curates exhibitions. As Director of Hotel Development at Corendon, Uslu transforms outdated office buildings into new hotels and renovates monumental and vintage hotel buildings.


    Master: Museum Studies Internships (2017/2018), Heritage Practical Culinaire Stadssafari cooperation Amsterdam Museum (2012), Thesis Seminars (2012), Excursions Heritage Studies (2006, 2007), Seminars Research Project Cultural Sociology (2006), Master Courses Illustere School (2013)

    Bachelor: Museology II Seminars Exhibition on Paper (2013, 2014),  Exhibition Practical’s Allard Pierson Museum (2012), Amsterdam Museum (2012), ABN-AMRO Kunststichting (2006), Museum Studies Excursion Rome (2011, 2012) Coordination en Seminars Cultural Policy Introduction (2001-2008).

    Selection of Publications

    - Uslu, G., 'Mensen hebben benen', Bulletin Vereniging Rembrandt, 28/3 (2018) 10-15.

    - Uslu, G., 'Omer, le Turc', L'Histoire 82 (2019) 84-87.

    - Uslu, G., 'Homer and Troy in modern Ottoman-Turkish literature (1870-1900)’, in J. Leerssen (ed.), Encyclopedia of Romantic Nationalism in Europe (Amsterdam, to be published May 2018).

    - Uslu, G., 'Schliemann, Troy, and archeology in the Ottoman Empire', in J. Leerssen (ed.), Encyclopedia of Romantic Nationalism in Europe (Amsterdam, to be published May 2018).

    - Uslu, G., Homer, Troy and the Turks, Heritage & Identity in the Late Ottoman Empire, 1870-1915 (Amsterdam 2017).

    - Serifoglu, O.F., Uslu, G., Shaw, W.M.K. et al (ed.), New Perspectives on Archaeology and Cultural Heritage In Turkey (Istanbul 2013).

    - Uslu. G, Kelder, J. et al (ed.), Troje, Stad, Homerus en Turkije (Zwolle 2012). Also available in English and Turkish.

    - Uslu, G., ‘Schliemann en de Osmaanse Turken’, in G. Uslu, J. Kelder. et al (ed.), Troje, Stad, Homerus en Turkije (Zwolle 2012) 133 – 138.

    - Uslu, G., ‘Homerus en Turkije in de Osmaans-Turkse literatuur’, in G. Uslu, J. Kelder et al (ed.),Troje, Stad, Homerus en Turkije (Zwolle 2012) 143-150.

    - Uslu, G., 'Ottoman Appreciation of Trojan Heritage 1870-1875', TMA 41 (2009) 4-10 (Zenobia Incentive Prize 2010).

    - Uslu, G. en Meijer, R., ‘In de sporen van Cornelis Calkoen. Op bezoek bij de Sultan’, Rijksmuseum Kunstkrant, 29/3 (2003) 4-8.

    - Uslu, G.,  ‘Een reis naar het Ottomaanse Rijk’, Rijksmuseum Kunstkrant, 29/2 (2003) 26.

    Selection of Lectures & Debates

    - Lecture ‘Schliemann and the Ottomans’, The East & Europe Conference (23-25 June 2016)

    - Lecture ‘Troy and Homer in Turkey’, symposium Troy Paradox: New Perspectives on Archaeology and Cultural Heritage in Turkey (22 March 2013)

    - Lecture ‘Homerus en Troje in het Osmaanse Rijk en het Moderne Turkije’, HOVO College (VU) cyclus Troje en Turkije (19 March 2013)

    - Lecture ‘Troje, Homerus en de Turken’, Instituut voor Cultuur en Geschiedenis UvA (3 April 2013)

    - Debate UvA Erfgoeddebat: Autoriteit in de Erfgoedsector (12 February 2013)

    - Lecture ‘Troje, Homerus en Turkije’, het Maagdenhuis (28 January 2013)

    - Lecture Debate Erfgoedarena Reinwardt Community ‘De geschiedenis van mijn (groot) vader? (10 December 2012)

    - Lecture ‘Troje en Homerus in Turkije’, Zenobiacongres Troje – De stad, de oorlog, de legende (3 November 2012)

    - Lecture ‘Perceptie van Homerus in Turkije’, het Huizinga Instituut internationale cursus Contrasts and Cultural Transfer, Religion and Identity (20 May 2010) 

    - Debate Museum en Identiteit. Theaters van het Geheugen, cooperation Huizinga Institute & Faculty of Humanities UvA (14 April 2010)

    - Lecture ‘Homer in Modern Turkey’, Nederlands Instituut in Istanbul (23 October 2009)

    Art & Culture

    Curator exhibition Troje: Stad, Homerus en Turkije in het Allard Pierson Museum (6 December 2012 – 5 May 2013)

    Development & Organisation symposium Troy Paradox: New Perspectives on Archaeology and Cultural Heritage in Turkey (21 & 22 March 2013)  Allard Pierson Museum

    Curator exhibition Nederlandse Pioniers in Turkije Het Amsterdam Museum (17 April – 26 August 2012)

    Curator exhibition Nederlandse Pioniers in Turkije Yasar Art Galery Izmir/Turkije (26 November 2012  – 1 January 2013

    Coordination Exhibition & Publication Flying Exhibition Nederlandse Pioniers in Turkije (2012)

    Co-Director NPS Documentary Mijn Land (2013)    

    Consultant Communication, Education & Marketing exhibition Istanbul de Nieuwe Kerk (16 December 2006 – 15 April 2007) 

    Project Management Education & Events het Rijksmuseum Amsterdam (2002-2005)

  • Publications


    • Uslu, G. (2009). Ottoman appreciation of Trojan heritage 1870-1875. TMA: tijdschrift voor mediterrane archeologie, 21(41), 4-10. [details]
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  • Ancillary activities
    • Corendon
      Directeur Development