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dr. M. (Mandy) de Wilde

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
Programme group: Anthropology of Health, Care and the Body

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  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
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  • Postbus 15509
    1001 NA Amsterdam
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  • about me

    I am a sociologist and art historian trained in ethnographic methods and very much value an interdisciplinary outlook in my work. My work focuses on issues of maintenance in ecological transitions, especially as seen through the analytical lens of care.

    Currently, I work at the Anthropology department at the University of Amsterdam where I explore clean ecologies with prof. dr. Annemarie Mol.

    Previously, I was a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (IASH) at the University of Edinburgh. At IASH I worked on my research project 'From feminine concerns to feminist care: reclaiming gender normativities in zero waste living' and analysed, synthesised and harmonised links between science and technology studies, feminist ethics and studies on sustainable consumption.

    I have also been a postdoctoral researcher at the Environmental Policy Group at Wageningen University (the Netherlands, 2016 - 2019) and the Centre on Research on Environmental and Social Change at the University of Antwerp (Belgium, 2015). I have been a visiting fellow at the Institute for European Ethnology at the Humboldt University Berlin (Germany, 2013), the DEMAND Centre at Lancaster University  (UK, 2017) and the Sociology department at the University of Edinburgh (UK, 2018).

    I received my PhD-education at the Sociology department of the University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands, 2015). My dissertation connects an ethnography of everyday life in a neighbourhood to literature about the role of affects in the construction of citizenship. It develops an innovative perspective on ‘affective citizenship’ and its construction through policy mediation work.

    I am a member of the editorial board of the Dutch open access journal Sociologie.

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  • Publications


    • Brody, L. S., & de Wilde, M. (2020). Cultivating food or cultivating citizens? On the governance and potential of community gardens in Amsterdam. Local Environment, 243-257.
    • de Wilde, M. (2020). A care-infused market tale: on (not) maintaining relationships of trust in energy retrofit products. Journal of Cultural Economy, 1.


    • de Wilde, M. (2019). The sustainable housing question: on the role of interpersonal, impersonal and professional trust in low-carbon retrofit decisions by homeowners. Energy Research & Social Science, 51, 138-147.
    • de Wilde, M., & Spaargaren, G. (2019). Designing trust: how strategic intermediaries choreograph homeowners’ low-carbon retrofit experience. Building Research and Information, 47(4), 362-374. [details]


    • de Wilde, M. (2016). Home is where the habit of the heart is: governing a gendered sphere of belonging. Home Cultures, 13(2), 123-144.
    • de Wilde, M., & Duyvendak, J. W. (2016). Engineering community spirit: the pre-figurative politics of affective citizenship in Dutch local governance. Citizenship Studies, 20(8), 973-993. [details]
    • de Wilde, M., & Franssen, T. P. (2016). The material practices of quantification: Measuring ‘deprivation’ in the Amsterdam Neighbourhood Policy. Critical Social Policy, 36(4), 489-510.


    • de Wilde, M., Hurenkamp, M., & Tonkens, E. (2014). Flexible relations, frail contacts and failing demands: How community groups and local institutions interact in local governance in the Netherlands. Urban Studies, 51(16), 3365-3382.


    • Tonkens, E., & de Wilde, M. (2013). Conclusies - Nieuwe verbanden en nieuwe scheidslijnen in de wijk. In E. Tonkens, & M. de Wilde (Eds.), Als meedoen pijn doet: affectief burgerschap in de wijk (pp. 263-280). (Tijdschrift voor sociale vraagstukken. Jaarboek; Vol. 2013). Amsterdam: Van Gennep. [details]
    • de Wilde, M., & Tonkens, E. (2013). Op zoek naar erkenning: verhitte verhoudingen tussen bewoners en instituties. In E. Tonkens, & M. de Wilde (Eds.), Als meedoen pijn doet: affectief burgerschap in de wijk (pp. 99-121). (Tijdschrift voor sociale vraagstukken. Jaarboek; Vol. 2013). Amsterdam: Van Gennep. [details]


    • Tonkens, E., & de Wilde, M. (2013). Als meedoen pijn doet: affectief burgerschap in de wijk. (Tijdschrift voor sociale vraagstukken. Jaarboek; Vol. 2013). Amsterdam: Van Gennep. [details]


    • de Wilde, M. (2015). Brave New Neighbourhood: Affective citizenship in Dutch territorial governance. [details]
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