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Step 5: UvA Matching (online programme fit)

Information for students with International prior education (Including students who obtained their IB in the Netherlands)

UvA Matching is a mandatory part of the application procedure for all prospective Bachelor’s students.

What is UvA Matching?

UvA Matching is an online introduction to the Bachelor’s programme you applied for. During UvA Matching you will attend online courses, review course materials and complete your participation by taking one or two online tests. After completion, you will receive a personal study advice based on the outcome of the tests. This advice will help you determine whether the Bachelor’s programme is a good fit for you and if you have the motivation and study skills to start the programme in September. UvA Matching is a mandatory part of the application procedure for all prospective Bachelor’s students.


During UvA Matching you will engage in several study activities that will give you an idea of what to expect from the Bachelor’s programme. This includes:

  • Attending online lectures
  • Reviewing course materials
  • Finishing UvA Matching by making one or two tests
  • A personal study advice (based on the test outcome)

When will you receive more information?

After you have been conditionally admitted to the programme, you have to participate in UvA Matching. In your conditional acceptance email you will find more information regarding UvA Matching and the date of your assigned round. Usually you will receive a conditional acceptance email within 4 weeks after submitting a complete application.

When will you participate?

UvA Matching  is offered from March to May in several rounds, as shown in the table below. After registration in Embark you will be assigned to a round of UvA Matching. It is possible to change your round if necessary, but we recommend all students to participate as early as possible due to enrolment procedures (Visa, Housing etc.). You will receive detailed login and practical information approximately one week before the start of your UvA Matching round.  

Conditional offer received before:



16 February 2020


 3 - 11 March 2020

19 March 2020


1 - 9 April 2020

19 April 2020


 7 - 15 May 2020

19 May 2020*


 2 June - 10 June 2020*

* Round 4 is not available for students who have to follow Visa procedures.

Students can complete UvA Matching at their own pace, provided that all activities are completed before the deadline of the specific session. You can only participate once.

After completing UvA Matching

Once you have completed your UvA Matching round, you will receive your personal study advice. The next step will be accepting your offer for the Bachelor’s programme in Embark. Students who receive a negative study advice, are recommended to reconsider their study choice.

Meet & Greet at the University (optional)

Discover your future campus and meet your peers during the Meet & Greet on Thursday 18 June 2020. After you have accepted your conditional offer, you will receive an invitation by email to register for the event. We would like to welcome you, given that you have the opportunity to attend.


What is UvA Matching? Check out this video:

Questions about UvA Matching?

You can reach the UvA Matching office via this form