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Business Administration

Enrolment restriction for BSc Business Administration

Application period for BSc Business Administration is from 1 October until 15 January 2020.

The Bachelor’s programme in Business Administration has an enrolment restriction (Numerus Fixus). This means that the number of students who can enroll is limited to 750. Applicants for this programme will therefore be subject to a selection procedure.

Step-by-step application procedure


  1. Submit a registration request in Studielink by 15 January 2020*
  2. Submit a complete application in Embark by 15 January 2020
  3. The Admissions Office will evaluate whether you meet the entry requirements**
  4. Select a supervisor
  5. Study for the selection test
  6. Complete the selection test in February or March
  7. Receive your ranking number on 15 April 2020

* Note that Studielink will only allow you to register for a maximum of two programmes with an enrolment restriction. If you apply to two programmes with an enrolment restriction and you are admitted to both, you may only accept one of the offers.

**The evaluation of whether you meet the programme’s entry requirements may not yet be fully complete before the selection test date occurs. Consequently, it is possible to complete the selection test, but to fail to meet the entry requirements. If that is the case, you will not be admitted.

Step 1 and 2: Registration deadline

The first step of your application for the Bachelor’s programme in Business Administration is to submit a registration request in Studielink. This must be done before 15 January 2020. After 15 January 2020, it is no longer possible to apply for this programme.

When registering in Studielink, ensure that you select the option: ‘Business Administration' (Numerus Fixus programme).

After registering in Studielink, the second step is to submit an application in our application system Embark. This step must also be completed by 15 January 2020.

Step 3: Application assessment

After submitting a request in Studielink and a complete application in Embark, your eligibility for the Business Administration programme will be assessed by the Admissions Office.

If your application meets the criteria, you will be invited to participate in the selection procedure.

Step 4: Select a supervisor

Applicants who reside in the Netherlands are obliged to complete the selection test at the University of Amsterdam. Applicants residing outside the Netherlands are responsible for arranging a supervisor for the selection test.

Your supervisor can be a teacher, professor or academic staff at a school, university or educational institution such as a library or tutoring center. A family member or a friend will not be accepted as a selection test supervisor.

The Admissions Office will provide the selection test supervisor with the necessary information to supervise the selection test.

Step 5 and 6: Selection test

An important component of the selection procedure is a selection test. This test will help the Admissions Committee assess your academic ability in the subjects Mathematics, Economics and Strategy & Organisation.

The study material for the selection test will be provided to all candidates approximately one week prior to the test date via the University of Amsterdam’s online learning environment Canvas. You are expected to dedicate approximately 20 to 25 hours of study to this material in preparation for the selection test. 

Selection test dates

For applicants residing in the Netherlands:

  • Saturday 22 February 2020, 10.00 CET
  • Saturday 29 February 2020, 10.00 CET

For applicants residing outside the Netherlands:*

  • Monday 24 February 2020, between 0.00 and 23.59 CET
  • Monday 2 March 2020, between 0.00 and 23.59 CET

*Important: please see the subject selection test supervisor

All applicants are required to select a test date in the application form. Note that it  is not possible to change test dates after the submission of your application. Therefore please ensure that you make any necessary preparations to allow your participation in the selection test. Applicants who do not complete the selection test will not be eligible for admission.

Step 7: Ranking number

Once the selection test dates have passed, each applicant will receive a ranking number. The ranking number is ultimately what determines whether a candidate is offered a place in the Business Administration programme. The Admissions Committee has selected the following, equally-weighted criteria for the assignment of candidate ranking numbers:

  • Grade Point Average (GPA) - 50%
  • Selection test – 50%

Candidates will be informed of their ranking number on 15 April 2020.  Based on the ranking number, the Admissions Office will inform candidates of one of three possibilities, namely that you:

  1. Will certainly be offered a place in the programme, after your prior education has been approved*
  2. Might be offered a place in the programme after your prior education has been approved,* and if other applicants with a higher ranking number decide to withdraw their application
  3. Most likely will not be offered a place in the programme


If you have questions regarding admission and/or application process, check out our FAQs or contact the Admissions Office.