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Business Administration

Enrolment restriction for BSc Business Administration

The number of students admitted for the 2019-2020 academic year will be limited. Applications for this programme will be subject to a selection procedure. The deadline for application has already passed (15 January).

Registration deadline

Note: the application deadline for the BSc Bsusiness Administration September 2019 intake has already passed.

The first step to apply for the BSc Business Administration programme is to submit a Registration Request in Studielink.  This must be completed between 10 October 2018 and 15 January 2019. After January 15 2019, it is no longer possible to apply for this programme.

When registering in Studielink, ensure that you select the option: ‘Business Administration' (a bachelor).  Note that Studielink will only allow you to register for a maximum of two programmes with an enrolment restriction.  If you apply for two programmes with enrolment restriction and you are admitted to both, you may only accept one of the offers.

After registering in Studielink, the second step is to submit an application in Embark.  This step must also be completed by 15 January, 2019.

Selection procedure

After submitting a Registration Request and a complete admissions application, you will be eligible to participate in the selection procedure of the BSc Business Administration programme.  The selection procedure consists of two, equally-weighted parts:

  • Evaluation of your study results (GPA)
  • Selection Test

The evaluation of your study results is completed by the Admissions Office and is based on your complete admissions application.  The only action necessary to complete this part of the selection procedure is to submit a complete application by the application deadline, 15 January 2019.

The second part of the selection procedure is to complete a Selection Test.  This is a test for which you may expect to study approximately 20 to 25 hours.  Applicants will be provided with access to all necessary literature and study materials in advance of the test via the University of Amsterdam’s digital learning environment.  If you reside in the Netherlands, you will be obliged to attend the test in person, at the University of Amsterdam.  Applicants living outside the Netherlands are required to take the test under the observation of an approved supervisor in their home country.

Selection Test Dates

The Selection Test for 2019-2020 applicants will be held on:

For applicants residing in the Netherlands:

  • Saturday 16 February 2019
  • Saturday 2 March 2019

For applicants residing outside the Netherlands:

  • Monday 18 February 2019
  • Monday 4 March 2019

All applicants are required to select a test date in the application form.  Note that it is not possible to change test dates after the submission of your application, therefore ensure that you, and if necessary your family, make any necessary preparations to allow your participation in the Selection Test.  Applicants who do not complete the Selection Test will not be eligible for admission.


If you have any questions regarding the selection procedure, please contact our admissions office via