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Frequently asked questions about application

  • When can I apply?

    From October 2017 onwards, it is possible to apply for the programme for a start in September 2018. The application process depends on whether you have completed your prior education within the Netherlands or outside of the Netherlands.

  • How long will it take to process my application?

    We accept students on a rolling bases: the earlier you apply the sooner you will know the outcome. We will try to process your application as soon as possible, but please keep in mind that the admission procedure can take up to eight weeks. In case of missing documents or if there is some uncertainty about your previous education the procedure might last longer. In the latter case we will inform you about the delay.

  • Is my prior education sufficient for admission to the programme?

    Studying with a foreign diploma at the University of Amsterdam means that a student's preparatory education must be equal to the Dutch vwo diploma. On our website you can find which qualifications are approved for admission to Bachelor’s programmes. If your prior education is not listed there, you can also take a look at the website of Nuffic (the National Academic Recognition Information Centre in the Netherlands), where you can view the Dutch comparison of a selection of foreign diplomas. Please take into account that this is an indication.  Whether your  individual educational background is eligible for admission to our programme will be evaluated after you have submitted your application. Besides the educational background, there is also an English language requirement.

  • I have not obtained my secondary school diploma yet. Can I apply?

    The Admissions Office will first check whether your application meets the requirements. If it does, you will receive an email from the Admissions Office requesting that you send in certified copies of your diplomas by regular post. Without these certified documents, the application procedure cannot proceed.

  • I haven't finished secondary school yet. Can I still apply?

    Yes, you can apply by submitting your preliminary or predicted transcript of grades to the online application. We advise applicants to apply as early as possible to ensure a place in the programme. If you have not graduated from your high school before 1 September 2018, you cannot start in the Bachelor's programme in Communication Science per September 2018.

  • What can I do to assure that my mathematics skills are up-to-date?

    We strongly recommend a proper background in mathematics. If you are admitted to the programme, but have doubts whether your mathematics skills are up-to-date, we advise you to update your skills before the start of the programme. Chapter 1-6 from 'Essential Mathematics for Economic Analysis' by Knut Sydsaeter and Peter Hammond (ISBN 0-273-65543-4) could serve as a solid basis for your preparation.