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Career prospects

Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology

Upon completion of the studies, you will be awarded the degree of Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology. This qualifies you for a range of professional career opportunities.

Preparing for different professions

The academic, research and practical skills that we teach will prepare you for different professions, such as journalist, government policy advisor, project leader at (inter)national organisations and NGOs, consultant, country specialist, diplomat or documentary filmmaker (see also labour market).

Anthropologists distinguish themselves from other social scientists by their knowledge of the role of culture in people’s everyday lives, and of human behaviour in an international environment. An anthropologist approaches societal issues from different perspectives. She or he thereby produces inside knowledge and gives a detailed and nuanced analysis of all kinds of cultural phenomena. The field of interaction and communication between people with different backgrounds is central to the discipline, and anthropologists are therefore often employed as mediators.


As an anthropologist, you will develop sound academic writing, research and analytical skills. The social skills that anthropologists develop by doing ethnographic fieldwork make them good at organising, communicating and networking. And because you can choose different specialisation courses and electives within the programme, you will become an expert on a topic that you find most interesting.

Labour market

Anthropology graduates are versatile. As an anthropologist, you can, for instance, work in journalism or education, at (inter)national organisations for development aid, in diplomatic services, or at private research centres. You can also be employed as a policy adviser, project leader, consultant or researcher within national, provincial or municipal government. Others find work as a freelancer in the cultural sector, amongst other possibilities.

The career paths of anthropologists and other social scientists are very diverse. Anthropology is an academic discipline that allows for different careers. The skills you develop during your training regarding writing, research and intercultural communication can be put to use in many employment sectors. It is therefore important to start thinking about your career path during your studies. Because the programme offers different specialisations, you can become an expert in the area of your interest.

UvA Career Centre

The UvA supports students to find the right careers. The career advisers from the UvA Student Careers Centre  are happy to help you with all your questions regarding career orientation. You can contact them for information, advice, workshops, events and individual counselling.

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