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Step 1. Check the entry requirements

Economics and Business Economics

On this page you will find information about the entry requirements to the Bachelor’s programme in Economics and Business Economics. Please note that some of this information no longer applies to applicants for the September 2020 intake due to the coronavirus situation.

Important information for applicants for the September 2020 intake

We are aware of the difficulties that might occur in your application process due to the Corona virus. If you want to apply for the September 2020 intake, find all specific changes for the English profiency test on this page:

The information provided on each requirement is meant to be used as a guideline with which you can assess your eligibility for this programme. Once you have determined that you meet or will meet the entry requirements, you can proceed to the next steps (register in Studielink and submit an Online Application form). The Admissions Office will then evaluate your eligibility on the basis of the following criteria:

1. Secondary School Diploma

As part of the evaluation process, the Admissions Office needs to determine whether your secondary school diploma is equivalent to the level and the content of a Dutch VWO secondary school diploma.This means that certain subjects, namely Mathematics, must be one of the subjects of your final examinations.

To help you determine if the diploma you will graduate with makes you eligible for our programmes, we have prepared a list of equivalent foreign qualifications.While this list includes diplomas from many countries, it is not meant to be exhaustive.This means that if your country is not mentioned in the list, it does not necessarily mean that you are not eligible, however the evaluation of your application may require additional documentation, assessments or processing time.

>See: Foreign Diploma Qualifications

>See: Additional information for Chinese students

Information for HBO-Propedeuse students

Students who have or will obtain a Dutch HBO-Propedeuse diploma must have studied or be studying a HBO programme which is relevant to the Economics and Business Economics programme and possess the appropriate level of mathematics proficiency.  Only the following mathematics coursework is sufficient for entry to the Economics and Business Economics programme:

·      VWO Wiskunde A

·      CCVX Mathematics A

·      State Exam Mathematics A (registration deadline 31 Decemeber)

·      James Boswell Bèta Mathematics A Certificate

·      Korteweg de Vries Mathematics A Certificate

In addition to the above diploma and mathematics requirements, non-EU students may also be required to submit an English proficiency test.

Transfer from another University

In general, it is not possible to transfer any coursework from another university to this programme. All students must therefore apply and be accepted as a first year student. You can find everything you need to know about exemptions on our Student's website. For any further questions about exemptions within your study programme, you can contact the Study Advisers.

2. English Proficiency

All students must be able to read textbooks, understand lectures, participate in classroom discussions and complete written assignments in English.  Applicants must therefore verify their English proficiency by providing one of the following English proficiency test scores:

  • TOEFL IBT: 92 points overall and 22 points for each sub-score (TOEFL institution code: 9011)
  • IELTS (Academic test): 6,5 Overall and 6,0 for each sub-score
  • Cambridge Assessment English 
    • Certificate in Advanced English:  170 Points Overall and in each skill
    • Certificate of Proficiency in English: 170 Points Overall and in each skill

Test scores must also conform to the following guidelines:

  • An official and sufficient English proficiency test score must be received by the application deadline
  • If you do not provide a sufficient English proficiency test score before the application deadline, you must have an English proficiency test scheduled for a date which is before the application deadline
  • Your sufficient English proficiency test score may not be more than 2 years old with respect to the start date of your programme. For example, if you're applying for the September 2020 intake we don't accept English proficiency tests taken before September 2018

Be sure to plan your test on time; test dates fill quickly and it can take several weeks for you to receive your results. Applications without a sufficient score or with a test date after the application deadline, will not be accepted.

Exemptions from an English proficiency test

Students may be exempted from an English proficiency test if they have or will have one of the following types of diplomas:

  1. Secondary school diploma from a school located in and accredited by the respective authorities in one of the following countries: Australia, Canada (except Quebec), Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, the UK, or the US.
  2. International Baccalaureate Diploma with English A HL or SL, or English B HL
  3. 3 GCE A-Levels and 5 GCSE O-Levels (GCE/IGCE and GCSE/IGCSE qualifications outside the UK are also accepted)
  4. Dutch HBO-Propedeuse diploma (for students with an EU diploma only)
  5. One of the following diplomas if English is included in your final examinations.

 >See: Diplomas which grant English Proficiency Exemption

3. Mathematics Proficiency

In addition to the fields of Business and Economics, the Bachelor’s programmes at UvA Economics and Business include mathematics courses which demand excellent mathematical and statistical skills.  In most cases, the mathematics proficiency requirement is fulfilled by taking Mathematics as part of your secondary school final examinations.  If additional Mathematics requirements apply to the type of secondary school diploma you will earn (such as course level or required grade), these are also mentioned in the list of foreign qualifications below.

>See: Foreign Diploma Qualifications

After submission of a complete application, the Admissions Office will evaluate whether your coursework in Mathematics is sufficient for the Economics and Business Economics programme. As part of this process, you may be invited to complete a mandatory Mathematics Proficiency test. If you are required to complete a test, the Admissions Office will inform you of the test dates and format after having received your complete application. 

The Mathematics Proficiency test is designed to assess proficiency in various areas of Algebra and Calculus which are part of the Economics and Business Economics programme’s curriculum.  If you are required to complete the test, we encourage you to prepare thoroughly via the resources below:

>See: Mathematics Proficiency Test Topics and Recommended Literature

>See: Sample Mathematics Proficiency Test 1

Students who do not meet the mathematics proficiency requirement will not be admitted.

Do you live in the Netherlands but do not meet the Mathematics proficiency requirement? 

>See: Mathematics Certificate Courses

Mathematics Summer Course

The online Mathematics Summer Course offers the course material in a different way and deepens your knowledge in certain topics you might struggle with. You access the course by buying it via the link below, in which you can log in with your UvAnetID.  In the STORE, the course is available as 'UvA - EB Summercourse 2020'.

Concluding the Mathematics Summer Course is a test in the last week of August which, if you pass the test, exempts you from the Mathematical Skills test that students have to make in the first period of the year.

4. UvA Matching for International students

UvA Matching is designed to help you determine whether your chosen Bachelor’s programme matches your interests and capabilities and whether you have the motivation and study skills to start the programme. Once you have completed UvA Matching, you will receive personal advice regarding your study choice. UvA Matching is mandatory for all UvA Economics and Business Bachelor’s programmes. 

Undergraduate Foundation Programme

Non-EU/EEA applicants that don't meet one of the entry requirements may consider enrolling in an undergraduate foundation programme.

>See: OnCampus Foundation Programme