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Student testimonial

Economics and Business Economics testimonial

'Your 1st year will no doubt be difficult'

Muhammad Muzzammil Hasan - Pakistan

'It has been exactly 6 months since I moved to this beautiful city, and I fall in love with it every day. Amsterdam is famous for many reasons: its beautiful architecture, the museums, the canals, and some reasons which are not appropriate to mention, but I think you get what I’m referring too. Being the geek I am, I chose Amsterdam because of the museums and the history. I believe that knowledge is power, and wherever you go in Amsterdam, the streets, the canals, the museums and most importantly the University, you get one step closer to becoming the most powerful human being because every place in this city is filled with knowledge.'

'Coming from Pakistan, the transition to Amsterdam was difficult but enjoyable. Back home, I never washed a dish, or my clothes or did any chores for that matter. We had help for everything, but here I have to do everything on my own. These 6 months in Amsterdam have helped me become self-sufficient and independent, the 2 most important traits to deal with every curveball life throws at you.'

'Choosing to study Economics here at the UvA was one of the best decisions I made. Not only is the quality of education outstanding, the range of subjects they teach you in the first year is so diverse, ranging from microeconomics and business to finance. They give you a glimpse of everything necessary and that in turn makes your life extremely easy when you have to choose a track.'

'Another reason I chose University of Amsterdam was because of the extracurricular activities the university offers. There is something for everyone. Speaking specifically for myself, the student council interested me the most and fortunately, I got selected to be a part of it. I am now the only first-year student in the council.'

'So for all the future students reading this, your first year in university will no doubt be difficult but it will be worth it because nothing good in life comes easy. If you want an intellectual challenge and want to be part an amazing and diverse student body and live in one of the best cities, the UvA is the best choice. And if you’re chubby like me and want to drop a few pounds, this is the right place for you (we bike way too much).'

'Also, if you see someone wearing really huge spectacles who looks like the happiest guy on earth, come say hi! Being an extremely social person, I would love to talk to you.'

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