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Economics and Business Economics

Study associations

Economics and Business Economics

In addition to your studies you can also enjoy the cultural, sporting and social activities Amsterdam has to offer. You can also join a study association or participate in a programme committee or student council at your faculty.

Study association

Many Economics and Business students are active in a study association. By becoming a member you have the opportunity to get in touch with you fellow students in different years of your programme and to become more involved in your study. Participating in study association activities is also beneficial for your career later on. Taking on the role of treasurer at your study association, for example, is also good for your personal development.

Sefa and the International Student Committee (ISC)

With 4500 members, Sefa is the largest study association at Economics abd Business and the UvA. Sefa organises events for all students enrolled in all programmes. The events include study trips, career events, Room for Discussion debates, parties, receptions with drinks. You can also purchase your textbooks and course syllabi at reduced rates through Sefa.

The International Student Committee (ISC) aims to make the stay of international students at Economics & Business as awesome as possible! ISC is part of study association Sefa and is organised by Bachelor's students, who are very motivated to organise events for international students.

You can contact the students of this committee through their Facebook page

International Student Network Amsterdam (ISN)

ISN is an organisation run by Dutch students for international students studying in Amsterdam. Their goal is to optimize the social-cultural integration of international students in Dutch society. They organize activities for students, provide information on housing and work, run a coach system and publish a magazine with ins and outs of (student) life in Amsterdam.  ISN website

Other Student Associations

You can also join a study association that corresponds with your specialisation:

Students evaluating education

As a student at the university, your opinion matters and you have the opportunity to evaluate the quality of the education you receive. Students are consulted at various levels with regard to educational policy at the university. Some examples include the Board of Studies and the Faculty Student Council where a number of students are selected annually. During the first year there is also a focus group where students can give feedback related to education and teaching. You can stand for election yourself and carry out activities for the quality of your education and for your fellow students, while gaining valuable experience.

Student council