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If you are ambitious, you can choose to take part in our Honours programme.

You take the Honours programme alongside your regular studies. Completion results in you graduating 'with honours': an internationally recognised qualification.

If you are up to it, then it's an opportunity not to be missed.

Why take an Honours programme?

  • Complement your Bachelor's with disciplinary courses that are not part of your regular degree programme (such as Economic Policy Analysis).
  • Take exciting courses by top lecturers.
  • Work with other top students at UvA.
  • In-depth development of your academic and scientific skills, such as conducting research, writing essays and giving presentations.


Duration: 2 years (years 2 and 3 of your Bachelor's programme)
Credits: 30 (280 study hours) on top of your regular programme
Admission requirements: students must complete the first year with no study delay and an average mark of at least 7.5

For more info on the Honours programme, go to our course catalogue