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Literary and Cultural Analysis (Literary Studies)
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Alumni views

Alumni of the programme share their experiences.

Annelot Prins:

'After studying Political Sciences for a while I decided to switch to Literary and Cultural Analysis. My love for literature was a huge incentive. But LCA was especially interesting to me because it gives students the opportunity to analyse other cultural objects like film, photography, television and music as well. I enjoyed the freedom to almost limitlessly expand my theoretical knowledge and apply this knowledge to all objects I found interesting. During my studies, I researched feminist conspiracy theories in The Stepford Wives, loss of virginity-narratives in MTV’s Virgin Territory, gender images in Disney films, and the star text of Beyoncé. I have to warn you, though: thanks to Literary and Cultural Analysis I am no longer able to uncritically consume cultural objects. I see research papers everywhere.

Bas van Druijten:

'After university I got a job in publishing as an online editor, moved up and became editor in chief for a monthly b2b-magazine on creativity and trendwatching. Later I worked for the NOS (Dutch public television) where I was editor in chief & project manager online. At the moment I’m working as a freelance copywriter. I’ve always loved writing and reading. Now I write for a living and read busloads for my peace of mind. Main skills I’ve improved during my studies are (no alarm and no surprises) reading and writing and I benefit from that almost everyday.' 

Luc van Rooij:

'Since Amsterdam is the literary and cultural hub of the Netherlands, you will have absolutely no trouble in finding a student job in helping out publishing houses or cultural organisations with small tasks. That’s how I started my career – now, twelve years later, I’m running an indie publishing house – Uitgeverij Karaat – where we’re publishing some of the most interesting voices in contemporary international literature.'

Maria Kager:

'For me, Literary and Cultural Analysis was the perfect programme. I was able to combine my fascination for literature with my interest in languages, and I enjoyed the wonderful atmosphere amongst students and between students and staff members. Everyone is committed and approachable. LCA offered me the freedom to take courses in English, Russian, and Italian literature, and so formed a substantial foundation for my PhD studies in Comparative Literature at Rutgers University in the USA. I now teach English Literature at Utrecht University.'

Inge Maas-Christie:

'Literary and Cultural Analysis gave me a philosophical and theoretical perspective to help understand literary texts from all ages and genres, and consequently our present day society. I loved that it gave me the freedom to focus on the specific aspects of literature that interested me while simultaneously exposing me to a broad overview. Set in the lively and historical city of Amsterdam, there were always wonderful events to attend, making the city itself one of our classrooms. This programme gave me a foundation which enabled me to find work in the publishing industry in New York City, something I always dreamed of!'