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Students from the programme share their experiences.

FGw / Literary and Cultural Analysis

Kalliope Bournias:

'We are exposed to a lot of ways of looking at things. Different philosophical perspectives, different writers, different ways of representing the world. All these different ways force you to see things a little differently: there’s not one world, and not one way of making sense of it.' Read more

FGw / bachelor Literary and Cultural Analysis

Charlie Taylor:

Rather than jumping straight into the deep end, we first learned basic methods.  So, for example, we learned things like narratology, how to unpick a poem, how to unpick a story, a film, a piece of art, and how to use compositional techniques. Read more

Alrun Bernhard

Alrun Bernhard:

'I chose this programme because I love to read. But I quickly found Literary and Cultural Analysis is about so much more. For instance, I’ve learned a lot about South-African apartheid, gender theory, Plato, and my own personal interest, religion. The programme offers you the space to develop your interests. From the very start, you’re pushed to think harder about stuff than you would normally do. It’s not just about facts. You write essays, present your work in progress, and discuss just about everything.'