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Frequently Asked Questions about Matching

BSc Political Science

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Q: Do I really need to participate in UvA Matching?

A: Yes, participation in UvA Matching is mandatory for all students. Matching is an essential part of your enrolment. It helps you determine whether the BSc in Political Science fits your expectations, interests and skills. Please keep in mind that all students will need to complete the Matching procedure before June 14th 2019. Without a Matching advice, you cannot enrol in the Bachelor’s programme.


Q: Should I be physically present at the UvA Matching?

A: We offer UvA Matching on-site and online.

If you (will have) completed VWO or HBO education (propedeuse) in the Netherlands, you need to participate in the on-site UvA Matching on Friday June 7th 2019. The on-site Matching takes place at the UvA campus and includes a lecture, a tutorial session and a digital exam on a specific Political Science theme. The on-site Matching requires you to be physically present.

All other students are to participate in the online UvA Matching. Online Matching is an individual study experience, consisting of a combination of study activities that will give you an idea of what to expect from the Bachelor’s programme. These activities include reading literature, watching a web-lecture and completing a digital exam. The online Matching does not require physically presence.


Q: How do I enrol for Online Matching?

A: Upon accepting our admissions offer, you will be invited to enrol in the online Matching course and complete the Matching course within three weeks. In this invitation you will find an link and instructions that allow you to self-enrol in the course. Once you are enrolled in the online Matching course, you will receive course instructions and access to the web-lecture, the assigned literature and the exam. To finish the Matching course and receive your Matching advice, you need to complete and submit this this exam before June 14th 2019 at the latest.


Q: I have already completed my UvA Matching. Do I need to Match again (second round)?

A: No, you only need to complete one Matching round.


Q: Do my Matching results have any positive or negative influence on whether I am admitted to the programme?

A: No, it does not affect the admission decision. Students who will not have completed VWO or HBO education (propedeuse) in the Netherlands, will be invited to enroll in the online Matching after you have been (conditionally) admitted. Upon completion of the Matching procedure, you will receive a Matching advice, which can be either positive or negative. Keep in mind that a positive or negative Matching advice does not override the admission decision. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend you to reconsider your choice for this programme carefully in case of a negative Matching advice. The results you obtained may be predictive for your subsequent study success in this program.


Q: I have completed the UvA Matching: does this mean that I am admitted to the programme?

A: No, having completed UvA Matching does not mean that you are admitted to the BSc in Sociology. It is simply one admission requirement. Before we invite you to partake in the UvA Matching, you will have received the admission decision by means of a letter of (conditional) acceptance. This letter will indicate all conditions you will need to meet before the start of the programme.