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Political Science

Meet the people

As a student in the Bachelor's Political Science, you belong to a dynamic group of young people interested in solving and analysing social and political challenges. Meet some of the people who are part of this Bachelor’s programme.

Rowie Rensink
Student Rowie Rensink

Rowie Rensink: 'The teachers are very enthusiastic about their research'

‘In Political Science, you are trained to take a critical look at the different actors and institutions that play, or should play, a role in the quest for political solutions.’

Read what Rowie Rensink and other students say about the Bachelor's in Political Science.

Rosa Sanchez Salgado
Rosa Sanches Salgado, Jeroen Doomernik

'I encourage my students to engage in learner-centred teaching'

‘In my classes, students can learn to develop essential skills that will be helpful to their careers.’ 

Read what Rosa Sanchez Salgado and other teachers tell us about their courses and methods in the Bachelor's in Political Science.

Jan Lepeltak
Jan Lepeltak

Alumni stories

‘Studying political science assisted me in developing a skill to process large amounts of information in a prompt manner.’

Read what alumnus Jan Lepeltak and other alumni share about their time at the UvA and their career paths.