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Welcome to our programme

A message from the Programme Director of the Bachelor's in Political Science

A warm welcome to Political Science! From 2017-2018 onwards, we offer a Bachelor of Science taught in English while maintaining options for Dutch-language students to take parts of the programme in Dutch. Below you can find important information about the programme and the registration.

Marcel Maussen
Photographer: Jeroen Doomernik

Key features of our programme

Political Science at the University of Amsterdam is a balanced and interdisciplinary programme. Since its foundation in 1947 (as the first Political Science programme in the Netherlands) the programme has developed into a combination of subjects about politics and related disciplines like economics, history and law. Anyone who wants to understand politics thorougly, needs to have a background in these fields, is our opinion. Analysing political processes, organizations and power relations goes hand in hand with studying their context. Our alumni experience this broad and interdisciplinary approach as a large  contribution in their later career.

How this programme is of practical value to you

The programme that we offer is a Bachelor of science, that puts the focus on theories and methods in social sciences. Although most students don’t (want to) become scientists, research skills are necessary for an academic education. Writing well, thinking analytically and presenting yourself in a professional way are not only valuable for conducting academic research, but also for other activities. The bachelor programme at the University of Amsterdam is relatively large and housed at one of the largest and highest-ranking departments of Political Science in Europe. We offer a broad range of specialization routes and electives, to fully develop your talents and ambitions. Our experienced study advisers, mentors and planners are willing to help you compose your personal programme.

Our community

In the type of teaching that we promote, there is an atmosphere of mutual trust and openness. Our experienced teachers not only want to transfer their knowledge and expertise, but also help students develop their own ideas. Therefore we stimulate students to ask critical questions and engage in debates with their fellow students in a communal endeavour towards better understanding. We do not shy away from thinking about the major challenges that (international) societies face. We talk about what matters, in a friendly and frank manner; we respect different views and commitments, but we also take each other seriously enough to really engage.

We are not a selective programme and do not want to become one. We welcome a variety of backgrounds, interests and ambitions because we believe diversity will improve insight and mutual understanding. We have developed a bilingual programme in which Dutch-language and international students (who do not need to know Dutch) will mingle in various ways. University life here is characterised by openness, curiosity and mutual respect.

From students we ask motivation and commitment. You will have to meet our entry requirements and after the first year you should have obtained a minimum of 42 (out of 60) ECTS credits in order to be allowed to continue. Our first-year tutorials (with 20 to 25 students) and mentors wil help you find your way.

What comes next

If you sign up for our programme, you will be invited to participate in an ‘Online Programme Fit’ or ‘on-site Matching day’ to check whether this programme is indeed what you were looking for. For international students, we will organise an additional reception, while there will also be an introduction week. If all is well, we hope to join you in September for an exciting new phase in your life.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Marcel Maussen

Programme Director, Bachelor of Science in Political Science