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Political Science
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Rowie Rensink

‘The teachers are very enthusiastic about their research and committed to good teaching.’

Rowie Rensink
Rowie Rensink

Why did you choose to study Political Science at the UvA?

‘In Political Science, you are trained to take a critical look at the different actors and institutions that play, or should play, a role in the quest for political solutions. Think of states and international organisations such as the UN or the EU, but also civil society. In addition to this aspect, political scientists are interested in issues such as social inequality, migration, war and conflict, financial markets, sustainability and justice.

During my BSc programme at the UvA, I learnt about the ins and outs of international relations, political economy and political philosophy, considering the past, the present, and the future. The teachers are very enthusiastic about their research and committed to good teaching.’

Which courses did you find most interesting?

‘A wide choice of electives gives you the courses that best satisfy your interests. For example, I specialise in political theory and philosophy, with a focus on the Middle East. Last year, I took courses on Islamic political theory and utopias in political literature, but I also visited Morocco as part of the Zeytun Academic Exchange programme. After qualifying for the interdisciplinary Honours programme, I took a course called Staging Science, in which we practise acting and reflect upon the performance in philosophical terms, as well as a course on Corporate Social Responsibility.’

What are you doing now?

‘After I finish my Bachelor’s thesis, I would like to do a work placement abroad and an MSc in Middle Eastern Studies.’