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Bachelor Psychology

List of country qualifications


The following qualifications are approved for admission to the Bachelor's programme in Psychology. This list is not intended to be exhaustive. Please note that Mathematics and English **(comparable to the Dutch VWO exam) must be part of your final secondary education exams and must be completed with a passing grade.

  • Albania: Diplomë e Maturës Shtetërore (Diploma of State Matura), academic stream
  • Aruba: VWO-diploma
  • Australia: Higher School Certificate with a ATAR-score 85 or higher, or an OP 8 or lower
  • Austria: Reifeprüfungszeugnis / Matura (from a Allgemeinbildende Höhere Schule, Reife- und Diplomprüfungszeugnis (from a Berufsbildende Höhere Schule)
  • Belgium: Diploma van Secundair Onderwijs, richting Algemeen Secundair Onderwijs (ASO) or Certificat d'Enseignement Secondaire Supérieur (enseignement general of artistique/technique)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Diploma o položenom maturskom ispitu / Diploma o završenoj srednjoj školi
  • Brazil: Certificado de Conclusão de Ensino Médio and vestibular 90%, plus one year college/university
  • British A levels/CGE/IAL: General Certificate of Secondary Education in 3 academic subjects with grades A - C or 9 to 4 + General Certificate of Education with 3 subjects on advanced level with grades A-C (in 6 different subjects).
    Math: GCSE maths 
  • Bulgaria: Diploma za Sredno Obrazovanie, academic stream
  • Canada: Diplôme d’ Études Collégiales (DEC) with préuniversitaire (2 years)
    Ontario Secondary School Diploma met 6 academic university preparation courses (U/M) 75%
    Math: Ontario, 12U maths course
  • China: Gaozhong or Zhongdeng zhuanye xuexiao with a Gaokao and either *1 year of study at a Project 211 university, or *1 year of study at a non-Project 211 university and a transcript of the first semester with a minimum GPA of 80% (under review due to national changes in the  211 list)
  • Croatia: Svjedodžba o (državnoj) maturi
  • Curacao, St Maarten (Antilles): VWO-diploma
  • Czech Republic: Vysvedcení o maturitní zkoušce, obtained at a Gymnazium
  • Denmark: Studentereksamenbevis (STX), Bevis for Højere Forberedelseseksamen (HF), Bevis for Højere Handelseksamen (BHH)
  • Estonia: Gümnaasiumi lõputunnistus with the Riigieksamitunnistus(Secondary School Leaving Certificate with the State Examination Certificate)
  • European Baccalaureate: Diploma European Baccalaureate
  • Finland: Ylioppilastutkintotodistus/Matriculation Examination Certificate/ Studentexamenbevis (-betyg), plus Lukion
    Math: maths long/advanced syllabus
  • France: Diplôme du Baccalauréat Général, Diplôme du Baccalauréat Technologique
    Math: serie L literaire
  • Germany: Zeugnis der Allgemeinen Hochschulreife
  • Greece: Apolytirio Genikou Lykeiou (>10)
  • Hungary: Gimnáziumi Érettségi Bizonyítvány
  • Iceland: Stúdentspróf (Matriculation Examination), Obtained at a Menntaskóli
  • India: Indian School Certificate with an average of 75% in 5 subjects from the CBSE or CISCE. All India Secondary school Certificate with marks ranging from >B1 in 5 subjects
  • Indonesia: Sekolah Menengah Umum Tingkat Atas and 2 years of university/college education
  • International Baccalaureate: Diploma International Baccalaureate
    Math: Mathematical Studies
  • Ireland: Leaving Certificate (at least 6 exams subjects of which at least 2 subjects at higher level with a result A, B of C (or H1-H4)
    Math: maths on Leaving certificate
  • Israel: Te'ûdat Bagrut), with many more than 21 units, with a minimum of 4 units in Engels Maths subjects
  • Italy: Diploma di Superamento dell' Esame di Stato Conclusivo dei Corsi di Istruzione Secondari Superiori (Liceo classico/scientifco/linguistico/scienze umane)
  • Japan: high school graduation Sotsugyoshomeisho and associate degree (2 HBO)
  • Kosovo: Diplomë për kryerjen e shkollës së mesme të lartë
  • Latvia: Atestāts par vispārējo vidējo izglītību
  • Lithuania: Brandos Atestatas
  • Luxembourg: Diplôme de fin d'études secondaires
  • Macedonia: Diploma za položena državna matura
  • Malaysia: Unified Examination Certificate with an average score >75% or Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan
  • Mexico: secondary school diploma, Bachiller, with a suitable study programme of sufficient level and *1 year university/college education (or secondary school at highly ranked Mexican university)
  • Moldavia: secondary school diploma with a suitable study programme of sufficient level or *1 year of university/college education
  • Morocco: Baccalauréat + attestation de réussite from the first year in the same study or from the second year of the first cycle for other studies
  • New Zealand: National Certificate of Educational Achievement Level 3 (NCEA3), with sufficient credits from general level 3 subjects and a university entrance (UE)
  • Norway: Vitnemål for Videregående Opplæring, utdanningsprogram for studiespesialisering med programområder for realfag, formgivingsfag og språk, samfunnsfag og okonomi/for idrettsfag/for musikk, dans og drama
  • Poland: Swiadetctvo Dojrzalosci (maturity certificate) in combination with Swiadetctvo Ukonczenia Liceum Ogolnoksztalcacego
  • Portugal: Diploma Nível Secundário de Educação / Certificado Nível Secundário de Educação with concurso nacional preferably >95%
  • Romania: Diploma de Bacalaureat
  • Russia: Secondary school diploma with a suitable study programme of sufficient level and *1 year university/college education, or an Attestat o Srednem (Polnom) Obshchem Obrazovanii (Certificate of Secondary Complete General Education) with final marks above 80%.  Students who have graduated prior to 2017 must also submit an EGE (Unified State Exam)
  • Scotland: SQC with at least 6 subjects, including at least 2 Advanced Highers and 4 Highers
  • Serbia: Диплома о положеном матурском испиту / Diploma o položenom maturskom ispitu (Secondary School Leaving Diploma)
  • Singapore: Singapore-Cambridge GCE 'A' level in 3 H2 + 1 H1 content-based subjects + General Paper/Knowledge and Inquiry (5 different subjects in total)
  • Slovakia: Vysvedčenie o Maturitnej skúške (Gymnázium)
  • South Korea: High School Certificate  (general high school)/Godeung Hakgyo Jolupjang and one year college/university
  • Spain: Título de Bachiller with university entrance exam (PAU, EVAU or EBAU)
    Math: Matematicas applicadas Humanidades
  • Surinam: Diploma-VWO
  • Sweden: Högskoleförberedande examen (Higher Education Preparatory Diploma)
    Math: Gymnasiet Matematik D
    Slutbetyg fran Gymnasieskolan with the curriculum area; Naturvetenskapsprogrammet/ Samshallsvetenskapliga programmet/ Teknikprogrammet/ Ekonomiprogrammet/ Humanistiska programmet/ Estetiska Programmet. Or Högskoleförberedande examen.
  • Swiss: Maturitätszeugnis / Maturity Certificate/ Maturitätsausweis/ Certificat de Maturité, Attestato di Maturità
  • Taiwan: high school plus 1 years of university/college education
  • Turkey: Lise Diplomasi and 1 year of university education
  • Ukraine: secondary school diploma (Atestat pro zagal’nu serednyu osvitu) with a suitable study programme of sufficient level or 1 year of university/college education
  • USA: High School diploma with 4 AP’s
    Math: AP in Maths
  • Vietnam: Bang Tot Nghiep Pho Thong Trung (Hoc) at a school of the gifted (Truong THPT Chuyen)

If your qualification is not on the list above, it does not mean you cannot be admitted. You can check the overview of foreign diploma’s of the Nuffic (The Dutch organisation for internationalisation in education). The list of the Nuffic is for general guidance and no rights can be derived from it. All applications are considered on their individual merits.