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Application process

for applicants with international prior education

International prior education

If you have obtained or will obtain a diploma or degree certificate from an educational institution outside the Netherlands or an international school in the Netherlands, please follow the steps below to apply for this programme.

Application process
  • 1. Check deadlines

    You can submit your enrolment application for the academic year 2020-2021 in Studielink from October 2019 till 15 January 2020.

    The Bachelor's programme has a Numerus Fixus. This means the programme has a limited number of places available. We will have 650 places available for the academic year 2020-2021. Students are allowed to register for 2 Numerus Fixus programmes in Studielink, but can only accept 1 offer. 

  • 2. Check entry requirements

    Students with a foreign diploma are eligible to apply if their diploma is equivalent to the Dutch pre-university diploma (vwo-diploma) and includes:

    • Mathematics
    • English

    as part of your final examinations. 

    The starting level of a regular study programme at Dutch universities is comparable to that of other Western European countries, which is usually one or two years higher than in most countries outside Western Europe. A student's diploma or certificate from previous education will be compared with the list of country qualifications which has been drawn up by the Netherlands Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

    Additional requirements: Mathematics

    In general, mathematics has to be included in the upper secondary education curriculum up until the final year and final examinations. The level of mathematics should be equivalent to at least the Dutch level of VWO mathematics: Wiskunde A. There are no further minimum grade requirements. 

    An alternative route to meet the mathematics entry requirement may be to complete one of the English taught mathematics courses and exams offered by the James Boswell institute in The Netherlands. We will accept VWO certificates in mathematics A, B or C. 

    Additional requirements: English language proficiency

    All non-native speakers of English are required to demonstrate sufficient proficiency in English. All students must be able to read textbooks, understand lectures, participate in classroom discussions and complete written assignments in English. Students who are considered as native English speakers are those who have obtained their diploma in Australia, Canada (with the exception of Quebec), Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom or the United States of America. All non-native speakers of English must verify their English proficiency by providing one of the following English proficiency test scores:

    • TOEFL IBT: 92 points overall and 22 points for each sub-score
    • IELTS (Academic test): 6,5 Overall and 6,0 for each sub-score
    • Cambridge Assessment English 
      • Certificate in Advanced English:  170 Points Overall and in each skill
      • Certificate of Proficiency in English: 170 Points Overall and in each skill

    Test scores must also conform to the following guidelines:

    • An official test score must be received before 1 April 2020 for all international students
    • If you do not provide a test score before this deadline, you must have a test scheduled for a date which is before the deadline
    • Your test score may not be more than 2 years old with respect to the start date of your programme

    Taking the test

    Be sure to plan your test on time; test dates fill quickly and it can take several weeks for you to receive your results. Applications without a sufficient score or with a test date after the deadline, will not be accepted. 

    We  refer to the contact details of test centres below. In case of insufficient scores, applicants can do a resit as long as deadlines are respected. Without sufficient test scores, you do not meet our admission requirements.


    These applicants are exempted from the English test:

    • Applicants with a Dutch vwo diploma with a satisfactory result (min. 6 out of 10) for English.
    • Applicants with 3 GCE A-levels and 3 GCSE O-levels.
    • Applicants with the course English included in their final examination in one of these diplomas,.The course must be passed with a satisfactory result.
    • Applicants who have obtained a Dutch hbo bachelor diploma
    • Applicants who have obtained a Dutch university propaedeutic exam or bachelor diploma
  • 3. Submit enrolment application in Studielink
  • 4. Activate your UvAnetID

    After submitting your enrolment application in Studielink, you will receive an email with your UvAnetID within 48 hours. Follow the instructions in the email to activate your ID as you will need it to complete your UvA application.

  • 5. Submit your UvA application form

    After you have registered in Studielink, you will receive an email (within a few days) from the Central Student Administration with a link to our online application system: MyInfo. This is where you will submit your application to the University of Amsterdam.

  • 6. Upload required documents

    As part of the online application we will ask you to submit all necessary documents 15 January 2020 at the latest:

    • Your CV/Resume (in English or Dutch);
    • Proof of meeting the requirements for English proficiency (if not yet obtained, please upload before 1 April 2020);
    • Transcripts and diplomas for secondary and, if applicable, higher education. If you have not obtained your diploma yet, please submit all grades obtained up until the very moment of application. If the diploma and/or transcripts are not in English, Dutch, French or German, please upload an official translation as well as the original document.

    Our team 'Credential Evaluation' will review your documents in order to see if you are eligible for the programme. Every application is considered on its individual merits.

  • 7. Selection procedure

    The selection procedure in a nutshell:

    1. Register

    After activating your UvAnetID you receive a confirmation of your enrolment request. You will be asked to register for the selection. Please register before 20 January 2020. You can choose either round I or round II.

    2. Participate at the UvA or online

    The selection procedure is mandatory. Applicants will receive the necessary additional information no later than one week prior to the lectures. The selection rounds take place on the Roeterseiland Campus, or online. 

    3. Check your ranking number in Studielink

    Upon completion of the lectures and tests, all candidates are ranked based on their individual test results. Your ranking number  will be available in Studielink on 15 April 2020. Depending on your ranking number, you may be offered a place in our programme. If you are offered a place, you will be informed about the next steps in a separate message.

    You can find more detailed information about the selection procedure through the link below:

  • 8. Wait for your credential evaluation and ranking number

    After uploading your documents via MyInfo we will inform you whether your prior education is sufficient to meet the entry requirements.  

    Your ranking number  will be available in Studielink on 15 April 2020. Depending on your ranking number, you may be offered a place in our programme.


After conditional admission
  • 9. Accept/decline offer

    As from the date of time you receive your offer from Studielink you have exactly 14 days (14x24 hours) to accept or decline your offer. After 14 days the 'To Do action item' in Studielink will disappear and, with that, the possibility to accept your place. Your place will be given to the next applicant. 

  • 10. Send required documents by mail

    You need to send us certified copies of certificates that demonstrate that you have met the entry requirements by postal mail. Even if you haven't received an offer yet. A certified copy should contain an original stamp and signature by the school's administration or a notary. 

    Documents can be sent to the following address:

    Admissions Office, Central Student Administration
    University of Amsterdam
    Weesperzijde 190
    1097DZ Amsterdam
    The Netherlands

  • 12. Attend introduction day

    There will be several introduction events during the second half of August. Admitted students will receive more information in due time.

  • 13. Request student ID card

    A student ID card is a personal card which serves as proof of identity for examinations or borrowing library books. You will receive instructions on how to request your student ID card.