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Bachelor Psychology

Career Prospects


What careers are open to psychology graduates?

As a Master's graduate, you will have developed an academic level of thinking and working. You will know how to analyse psychological problems and develop research questions on the basis of these problems.

Graduates find employment in a range of different positions, depending on the major:

  • psychologist
  • HR officer
  • trainer
  • sports psychologist
  • test developer
  • adviser
  • sexologist
  • information specialist

Potential employers and working environments include:

  • organisational consultancies
  • marketing and research agencies
  • the world of business
  • mental healthcare
  • education

Would you like to continue with research or PhD?

If you complete a Research Master’s programme, you can also opt for an academic career at University and obtain a doctorate (PhD) by writing a thesis. In that case, you will spend four years conducting research and teaching.

Your research could focus on any number of fields in psychology. Some of our current researchers are studying:

  • the factors that ensure a person and an organisation match each other
  • the influence of alcohol on young people's development
  • decision-making