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Sociology: the whole puzzle

FMG - Bachelor Sociologie - Gerwin Wezelman
Gerwin Wezelman Photo: Kramnozki Fotografie

“Huh, sociology? What is that?” This is usually the first question I get when I tell people I study Sociology. For many the study is less known than Law, Economics or Medicine for instance. So, what is Sociology? Gerwin Wezelman explains.

Amsterdam is the ideal city to study sociology in

Gerben Moerman
Gerben Moerman

"Amsterdam is the ideal city to study sociology in. Amsterdam is sociologically very interesting: the diversity of people is enormous and interesting social phenomena happen all around you constantly. For students it is tremendously interesting to take the knowledge they obtain in our lecture rooms directly to the streets and to use Amsterdam as their own research site"

Read what Gerben Moerman tells us about the programme.

Study association

FMG Sociologisch EpiCentrum

Besides your studies you can enjoy cultural, athletic and social activities in Amsterdam. You can also become a member of the study association, the programme committee or the faculty student council.