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Open House

Live sessions

In autumn and spring you can attend live Meet & Ask sessions. Do you want us to keep you informed on news and upcoming events? 

What makes this programme unique?
Study adviser Inge Velthuijs and student Rimmert Riedstra talk about what makes the programme unique.
What is this programme about?
Study adviser Inge Velthuijs informs you about the curriculum and future prospects.
Meet & Ask
Meet Sociology lecturers and students on 11 March from 16.00 -17.00 CET. After a short presentation you can ask them everything you want to know about the programme. Session is in English.
Mini lecture
Lecturer Margriet van Heesch introduces you to the world of romantic love from a sociological perspective.
A student's experience
Our freshman Lucy tells you what it is like to study Sociology at the University of Amsterdam.

Want to know more? Get in touch with our student

Student Timmin
Copyright: BSc Sociologie
Hi, I'm Timmin and you can ask me all your questions! Third year student Timmin
Campus Tour Roeterseiland
Are you curious to see where Sociology is normally situated? Watch this virtual tour of the campus on Roeterseiland!
It’s me again... There’s more to explore in our Open House.
Take a virtual stroll through the campuses and Amsterdam.
Get inspired by the theme weeks.
Discover other programmes.
Or sign up for upcoming live events.