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Dual Master
Archival and Information Studies (Media Studies)

Internship allowance dual Master's

A dual Master's programme is comprised of two parts: 60 ECTS credits in courses and a thesis and 30 ECTS credits in a work-study component or internship. For Curating Art and Cultures students, the latter comprises 60 ECTS credits.

The majority of dual Master’s students receive an internship allowance from the organisation at which they are doing their internship. This usually amounts to circa €275 per month.

  • Dual Master’s students who started their dual Master’s before 2021-2022 and are receiving an internship allowance that is lower than €275, can submit a request for a supplementary allowance from the Profiling Fund in order to bring the total to €275. In addition, students receiving a supplementary student grant from the Education Executive Agency (DUO) are eligible for an allowance equal to their supplementary grant, in addition to this allowance of €275. If you have any questions and/or want to apply for a supplementary internship allowance, please send an email to: Student Counsellors, Attn: Karin Waanders.
  • Dual Master’s students who will be starting their dual Master’s in 2021-2022 or later are not eligible for a supplementary internship allowance from the Profiling Fund. This will mainly affect non-EER students: they are expected to fund their studies and internship themselves. If students end up severely struggling with the financial aspect, they can contact the Student Services Student Counsellors. They offer individual assistance and advice.