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Exchange Programme

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Application

    Does the Faculty of Humanities accept individual visiting students, so-called "free movers"?

    No, the faculty only accepts exchange students who come to study here in the framework of a valid agreement of cooperation (such as the Erasmus programme), or fee-paying students who have been admitted to one of our BA or MA programmes: they pay the official University of Amsterdam tuition fee.

    How do I find out if my home university has an exchange agreement with the University of Amsterdam?

    Have a look at the Digital World Map to see if your university has an agreement with the University of Amsterdam. You can also contact the International Office of your university.

    Can I obtain a degree at the University of Amsterdam as an exchange student?

    No, exchange students are not registered as degree students. The courses you take at the University of Amsterdam as an exchange student may count towards your degree at your home university.

    What is meant by an "official transcript of records"  in English?

    As part of your application to the University of Amsterdam you have to submit an official transcript of your academic record in English. This lists the courses taken at your home university and the credits and grades you obtained. If your university does not issue transcripts in English, you will have to translate your transcript and submit the translation with your official transcript in the original language.

  • Courses and credits

    What is a full-time study load for exchange students?

    A full-time study load is 30 ECTS (European Credits) per semester and 60 ECTS for a full year. The number of credits for each course is listed in the course description. The maximum amount of credits you can receive per semester is 42 ECTS.

    Can I take a course for fewer or no credits at all (attend as an auditor)?

    No. You can only take a course for full credits. This means that you have to attend all sessions and participate actively in class discussions and presentations. You are also required to take the final exam or write the final paper.

    Can you help me register for courses?

    Yes, after you have submitted your application, the Admissions & International Office Humanities will advise you on how to register for courses.

    What do I have to do if I want to take courses on MA level?

    This is only possible if your University has an agreement with the University of Amsterdam on a Master's level. You also have to meet the following requirements:

    1. Bachelor's degree or three years of study in the relevant study area.
    2. The test results of an official English language proficiency test (if English is not your mother tongue).
    3. Permission from the UvA MA coordinator of the selected Master. The International Office will arrange your file to be sent to the MA coordinator.

    My university has an agreement with the Faculty of Humanities, but I would like to follow a course at another faculty. Is this possible?

    We can ask permission from the other faculty's International Office. However, you should be aware that we can't guarantee permission, and other faculties may have different entry requirements from those at the Faculty of Humanities.

    My university has an agreement with another faculty at the University of Amsterdam, but I would like to follow courses at the Faculty of Humanities, is this possible?

    You should apply to the faculty your university has an agreement with and aks their permission to take courses at the faculty of Humanities. Please make sure they forward your file to our office, so we can check if you are eligible for courses in our faculty as well.

    My Learning Agreement needs to be signed, can the Admissions & International Office sign it?

    Yes, we sign the Learning Agreements of students accepted to our Faculty. Please note that signing the Learning Agreement does not mean that you are admitted to the courses. This depends on several factors, and we cannot guarantee placement in advance.

    What proof of my grades and grades can I show my home university at the end of the exchange period?

    You will receive an official transcript indicating the courses taken and credits earned at the University of Amsterdam.

  • Language requirements

    Do I have to learn Dutch prior to my arrival?

    No, the Amsterdam Exchange Programme - Humanities mainly offers courses taught in English. The University of Amsterdam as a whole offers courses in Dutch, English and Modern European Languages. The majority of courses are taught in Dutch and in English.

    What is an official English test?

    The Admissions & International Office Humanities accepts IELTS, Cambridge Exams, TOEFL, or OLS (depending on whether you are an MA or BA student). The language requirements can be found here.

    I receive emails in Dutch and I am afraid I am missing some important information.

    Sometimes emails are sent to all students at the University of Amsterdam. This means that you will receive some emails in Dutch. However, important emails for international students will be sent in English, too. If you are afraid that you might miss important information, please contact the sender or the Admissions & International Office Humanities.

    Are there any Dutch language courses I can take?

    The INTT (Instituut Nederlands als Tweede Taal/ Institute for Dutch as a Second Language) offers Dutch language courses at various levels. Exchange students are eligible for a discount if the application form is signed by the Admissions & International Office Humanities. 

  • Housing

    Does the University of Amsterdam help me with finding accommodation?

    The University of Amsterdam offers student accommodation to exchange students. If you have been accepted as an exchange student at the Faculty of Humanities, you will automatically receive information concerning housing. Please note that there is no guarantee that you will receive housing through the University of Amsterdam. We try to offer all students who register for housing accommodation. However, if the demand is higher than the number of rooms available, we cannot offer everyone housing.

    I do not want to use university accommodation. What should I do?

    You can look for accommodation yourself on the private market. See the UvA housing website for more information about finding accommodation by yourself. Please note that it can be quite difficult to find housing for an affordable price in Amsterdam, so start your search early.

    Can I contact the housing cooperation directly?

    Yes, you can contact the housing corporation directly, but the accommodation request will be handled by the UvA Housing department. Contact the Admissions & International Office if you have questions concerning housing.

  • Visa and residence permit

    Do I have to apply for a visa or residence permit?

    This depends on your nationality. You can find information per nationality here.

  • Other FAQs

    Who is my Exchange coordinator?

    The Admissions & International Office Humanities is responsible for the coordination of the faculty's exchange programmes and helps exchange students with information and advice regarding all practical and academic matters.

    The Global Exchange programme is coordinated by the Office of International Student Affairs (BIS). Students of the Global Exchange Programme can address their coordinator at this office with questions regarding practical matters and the Admissions & International Office can be contacted with regards to academic matters. 

    Can I get a student discount on public transport?

    Unfortunately, no public transport discounts are available for foreign students. However, you can buy a weekly or monthly transport pass, both of which will ultimately save you money if you travel by public transport frequently. We recommend that you travel by bicycle. This is the most practical and affordable mode of transport in Amsterdam.

    I am going back home. Are there things I need to take care of?

    Please make sure the documents needed by your home university have been signed by the Admissions & International Office before you leave. These can be documents such as your Learning Agreement, Certificate of Departure, or Confirmation of Stay.

    The Admissions & International Office will send your transcript of records to the International Office of your home university and to your home address. Please check that we have your correct home address.