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Master Artificial Intelligence

Research Institutes

The Master's programme in Artificial Intelligence is strongly connected to research topics of the Informatics Institute and the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation.

The Informatics Institute

The mission of the Informatics Institute is to perform curiosity driven and use-inspired fundamental research in Computer Science. The research in the institute involves complex information systems at large, with a focus on Collaborative, Data Driven, Computational and Intelligent Systems, all with a strong interactive component.

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The Institute for Logic, Language and Computation

What are the mathematical properties of information? How can we describe how information flows between humans or computers? Questions such as these lie at the heart of the research conducted at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC), a world-class research institute in the interdisciplinary area between mathematics, linguistics, computer science, philosophy and artificial intelligence. 

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The VU department of Computer Sciences

We recognise that we are all living in a world where everything is connected. Networks play an important part in our daily lives. Some of our research reflects this:

  • fundamental research on how network could/should work

  • how we can do calculations in GRID clusters, using parallelism

  • how we can apply good computer science practices in international business life

  • how can computer applications support us in our daily life

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