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Artificial Intelligence

Specialisation Artifical Intelligence and the Web

Master's programme Artificial Intelligence

Many applications of AI involve the use of the World-wide Web. The WWW makes information from around the world available. The ability to find information in this enormous resource and to combine different pieces of information to answer complex questions is a challenge for AI. Data available from the web make it possible to find the context of a query and thereby produce a better ranking. The solution will be in combining information search and retrieval with reasoning methods.

The Master's programme AI makes it easy to take this as a focus. AI courses for this specialisation are Information Retrieval 2, Knowledge Representation on the Web and Knowledge Engineering. These courses extend and deepen the knowledge from the first year courses Information Retrieval 1 and Knowledge Representation. The courses Natural Language Processing 2 and Applied Language Technology further extend this knowledge to natural language interactions and to machine translation, enabling queries to be answered from information in multiple languages.