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Artificial Intelligence

Specialisation Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Master's programme Artificial Intelligence

At the core of Data Science are methods for analysis of large volumes of data. Recently much more data has become available in electronic form, methods for analysis and modelling these data for prediction, classification and optimisation have become much more effective. Recent technical innovations, such as Deep Learning, provide increasingly powerful tools that make it possible to find complex patterns in very large datasets.

Much of the Master's AI is about Data Science. The obligatory courses on Machine Learning address key technology and theory for modelling large amounts of data. The courses on Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval and Computational Intelligence all have a strong focus on data-driven methods. For the “AI courses” in the curriculum students can choose advanced courses on these topics: Machine Learning 2, Computer Vision 2, Natural Language Processing 2, Information Retrieval 2, Deep Learning, Data Mining Techniques, Information Visualisation and Probabilistic Robotics. All these courses are about modelling data. These can be complemented by courses outside AI, for example on distributed computer systems, privacy and ethical questions, or on statistics.