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Communication Science: Entertainment Communication
Career prospects

Career Prospects

The career prospects for our alumni are encouraging. A recent study (2017) shows that graduates who started looking for a job immediately after graduation have found a suitable job within two to three months (n=231).

Graduates in the Entertainment Communication track are experts in their field. They know the most important developments and controversies in this area of research and the strengths and weaknesses of existing research. They are capable of conducting empirical research with a range of audiences, understand the ethical aspects of conducting research, and have the skills required to write a persuasive advisory report on how best to reach distinct audiences.

The track creates tomorrow’s entertainment media professionals who are able to provide integral solutions to communication problems. Our alumni are international experts working in organisations as diverse as KLM, MTV, and PlayScience. In recent years, some of our alumni have also started their own companies focusing on media development and user testing. The knowledge and skills acquired form a solid basis for countless positions including positions in advertising agencies, broadcasting companies, the creative industry, social institutions, and academia. 

UvA Career Services

To help students find the right job, identify strengths and weaknesses of their CVs, and prepare for the interview, the UvA offers a large amount of general and individual career services and events. Visit their website or contact them with specific inquiries to make full use of the services.