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Communication Science: Entertainment Communication
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Alumni Entertainment Communication

Anne Jagielka, Associate Brand Strategist at Twitter and alumna of the Entertainment Communication track, talks about her experience with the programme, her strategies when looking for a job, and her new role at Twitter.

Anne Jagielka
Anne Jagielka

How my studies sparked my interest

I decided to study at the University of Amsterdam, more specifically the Entertainment Communication track, because of the school’s strong reputation and my interest in entertainment media. During my Master’s programme, I was exposed to many studies that discussed the impact of Twitter and other social media platforms on different groups in society. For example, in Developing Media Entertainment we were encouraged to open a Twitter account and Tweet on a weekly basis. Learning about Twitter and what the platform stood for peaked my interest in the company. When looking for a job, my strategy was to look for job postings on LinkedIn and leverage my professional network. I also created a list of 5 companies I would like to work for and focused my search to find opportunities there.

Twitter: What I am doing and how I got there

While writing my thesis, I had the opportunity to interview with Twitter Canada. My academic background helped me during my interview process at Twitter: I was able to showcase my extensive knowledge on Twitter and the role of social media in today’s society. After several rounds of interviews, I joined Twitter Canada as an Associate Brand Strategist. My role consists of working with the biggest Canadian brands to build creative and innovative solutions and to support their content strategy. The knowledge I gained during my Master’s degree is vital in my current role as I am able to recommend the best communication and content strategies for our clients. With my understanding of different age groups and media communication best practices, I am able to excel and thrive in my role.