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Communication Science: Entertainment Communication
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Career Prospects

The career prospects for our alumni are encouraging. A recent study (2020) shows that graduates who started looking for a job immediately after graduation have found a suitable job within two to three months (n=231).

Where do our graduates work?

Because of the clear need for entertainment communication expertise across numerous domains and target groups, the career opportunities are broad. Our alumni have taken upon a range of positions to provide integral solutions to communication problems.  These positions can be found within research companies, government bodies, media companies, the creative industry, charities, private sector corporations and more. Positions include:

  • Communication advise and management,
  • (New) media design
  • Policy work
  • (Social) media planning
  • User testing
  • Tailored solution consulting. 


Graduates in the Entertainment Communication track know the most important developments and controversies in this area of research. They are capable of conducting both scientific and consultancy research, with particular training in Design Thinking, understand the ethical aspects of conducting research and write a persuasive advisory report.

'After several rounds of interviews, I joined Twitter Canada as an Associate Brand Strategist.'

Anne Jagielka

Career coaching during your Master's

We regularly organise events and workshops under the name Career Matters that help you prepare yourself for entry into the job market. The workshops are designed to help you gain practical, relevant skills that will help improve your employability after graduation. Think of topics such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Advertising or writing an effective press release or a journalistic blog. 

You can also make use of a wide variety of career tools and support from the UvA Student Careers Centre (SCC) during your studies. The SCC organises career events, workshops, training courses, as well as CV checks, interview practice sessions and much more. 

Career events

Five times a year, the Graduate School of Communication hosts a colloquium series called Communication Science on the Spot. During these sessions, a communication professional is interviewed by a Graduate School lecturer or researcher. Previous speakers include Maurice de Hond, Kay van de Linde and Ashley Vinson (Twitter).