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Communication Science: Entertainment Communication
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Career Prospects

The career prospects for our alumni are encouraging. A recent study (2020) shows that graduates who started looking for a job immediately after graduation have found a suitable job within two to three months (n=231).

Where do our graduates work?

Because of the clear need for entertainment communication expertise across numerous domains and target groups, the career opportunities are broad.

Our alumni have found positions with:

  • Research companies
  • Government bodies
  • Media companies
  • Creative industry
  • Charities 
  • Private sector corporations
  • And more!

In these spaces, our alumni have taken upon a range of positions to provide integral solutions to communication problems. Positions include communication advice and management, (new) media design, policy work, (social) media planning, user testing, and tailored solution consulting. 


Graduates in the Entertainment Communication track are experts in their field. They know the most important developments and controversies in this area of research and the strengths and weaknesses of existing research. They are capable of conducting empirical research with a range of audiences, understand the ethical aspects of conducting research, and have the skills required to write a persuasive advisory report on how best to reach distinct audiences.


'After several rounds of interviews, I joined Twitter Canada as an Associate Brand Strategist.'
Anne Jagielka

Career Events

  • Would you like to practice your job interview skills? Craft a LinkedIn strategy that could get you hired? Or would you simply like to know more about the labour market in the Netherlands? The advisers at the UvA Student Careers Centre can help you students of the UvA with information, workshops and individual vocational counselling to find out what you want, get insight into your capabilities and competences, make choices and improve your application skills in order to achieve your goals. 
  • Five times a year, the Graduate School of Communication hosts a colloquium series called Communication Science on the Spot. During these sessions, a communication professional is interviewed by a Graduate School lecturer or researcher. Attendees are always encouraged to ask questions and join the conversation in order to help stimulate a lively debate. Previous speakers include Maurice de Hond, Geerte Udo (iAmserdam), Kay van de Linde and Ashley Vinson (Twitter).
  • We regularly organise events and workshops under the name Career Matters that help you prepare yourself for entry into the job market. The workshops are designed to help you gain practical, relevant skills that will help improve your employability after graduation. Think of topics related to online marketing for example, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Analytics or Social Advertising, or to the field of journalism, such as writing an effective press release or a journalistic blog. 
  • Master’s students are warmly welcomed to the events organised by the Alumni Circle Communication Science. The meetings and workshops are a perfect opportunity to start building a professional network and to stay informed of the latest developments in the field. The events are announced on the Alumni Circle’s Facebook Page as well as on the AUV website.
Time to find a job

3 months