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Communication Science: Entertainment Communication
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Clashing Views on Media Effects

Stephani Pio, South Africa, student in Entertainment Communication

‘Clashing Views on Media Effects provides an interesting take on media effects and the current media landscape. Initially, we were taught core media effects theories and looked at media critically from a scientific perspective. Having this background meant that I felt more informed and able to express critical opinions about media within society. In the second part of the course, we delved deeper into a variety of weekly topics, such as violence or sex in the media, around which presentations were presented and discussions were initiated. Common questions surrounded a broader notion of whether or not there was reason for concern regarding media effects.

A highlight for me was definitely the blog writing component of the course. During the second part of the course, we were required to write a weekly blog post on the week’s topic. These assignments helped to exercise my writing ability, combining both the scientific knowledge we had acquired as well as our thoughts on current practices and real-life media examples. It was great to get some fresh perspectives from my classmates about the topics we were discussing in class and we were encouraged to interact with each other by commenting on the posts. Clashing Views on Media Effects was a great blend of scientific perspective and practical examples of the media’s existence in our everyday lives. It definitely left me looking at media and considering media effects with new eyes.’