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Applications of Computational Science

Science is all about describing and understanding the world around us, where the Computational Science approach is through the third paradigm of science. Such endeavor can only be truly successful if computational scientists strongly collaborate with their colleagues in the labs. Many exiting and very relevant research questions abound on the boundaries between scientific disciplines. 

“It’s strange that people think you can understand big problems by looking at them from a monodisciplinary point of view. They require a multidisciplinary point of view. One of the most beautiful examples where all the sciences come together is climate change. It involves Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics and Sociology. However, we need a basic methodology to grasp complex processes. And that’s the aim of Computational Science: to see if we can describe these processes in such a way that we develop a predictive power.” Prof. Peter Sloot in Q&A with Prof. Peter Sloot.

Computational Finance & Economics

In today's financial markets derivatives on different underlying assets and with complex payoffs are traded in huge volumes. Computational finance, generally referring to the application of computational techniques to finance, has become an integral part of modeling, analysis, and decision-making in the financial industry.

Computational Biology & BioInformatics

Computational biology and systems biology are fast-growing disciplines focused on modelling and analyzing biological data using advanced computing techniques. Until recently the emphasis in bioinformatics was on the large genome and protein databases using techniques from the fields of computers science and statistics. Computational biology (Bioinformatics) is moving from molecular biology towards higher levels of organization: regulatory networks, metabolic pathways, cells, organs, organisms and populations of organisms. As a result, advanced modelling, scientific visualization, multivariate data analysis and other computational techniques are becoming increasingly relevant in computational biology and related fields of research such a biomedicine and systems biology. There is currently an urgent need for trained computational biologists and bioinformaticians in industries, biotechnogical and pharmacological companies, universities and research institutes.

Computational Biomedicine

Biomedical systems are multiscale, multiscience, bridging a wide range of temporal and spatial scales. In the context of the currently emerging field of multiscale modeling in Computational Biomedicine, and in strong collaboration with clinicians and biomedical physicists and engineers, we apply Computational Science in fields ranging from Virology, to Cancer and Cardiovascular Diseases.

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