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Earth Sciences: Future Planet Ecosystem Science (track)

Meet the people

Many researchers of the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics of the University of Amsterdam and from Departments of Ecological Science and Environmental Geography of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam are involved in the FPES programme.

Developers of the track of Future Planet Ecosystem Science 

Prof. Willem Bouten

'My research seeks to merge theoretical ecology and field-based descriptive ecology and to contribute to the development of predictive ecology. My main research topics are the monitoring of bird behaviour in the context of movement ecology, the use of Bayesian inverse modelling for improving theories of geo-ecological processes, and the development of virtual laboratories to promote scientific collaboration.'

Prof. Matty Berg

'I am interested in the interplay between species-specific traits and spatial scales in determining shifts in soil fauna community composition under environmental stress, and how functional diversity of soil organisms affect litter decomposition. I use a variety of study systems, including green beach, salt marsh, wetland, and sub-arctic tundra, as well as a variety of model organisms, including Collembola, terrestrial Isopoda, Diplopoda, and Amphipoda.'

Dr Erik Cammeraat

'My research interests are related to geomorphological, hydrological, soil and land degradation processes. I'm especially interested in 1) the interaction of physical, chemical or biological processes in landscapes and landscape evolution, 2)  the development of emergent landscape properties as a result from the interaction between different processes at different scales, 3) the role and fate of organic carbon in erosion and sedimentation, both by field as well as laboratory research, and 4) comparative geomorphology using terrestrial geomorphology to understand analogue situations on Mars.'

Dr Kenneth Rijsdijk

'My research is focused on the dynamics of abiotic processes that shape the earth's surface and affect biota. I am particularly interested island geo- and biodiversity, quantifying the impacts of humans on island ecosystems, and seeking ways in realizing sustainable futures for mankind to live in harmony with geo-ecosystems.'

Dr Judy Shamoun-Baranes

'I am fascinated with avian flight behaviour, whether during migration, foraging movements or when fleeing from potential danger. By integrating models, diverse measurements of bird movement (GPS tracking,radar, field observations) and meteorology, I am trying to understand the short and long term consequences of behavioural responses to dynamic atmospheric conditions at different scales in space and time.'

Dr Isabel Smallegange

'My group and I research how ecological and evolutionary processes interact to determine the fluctuations of populations. My research aims at developing a mechanistic framework to link ecology and evolution on the basis of the processes that drive the dynamics of heritable life history traits.'

Prof. Peter Verburg

'My research develops and tests methods to better understand, model and communicate spatial dynamics of human‐environment systems with special emphasis on land systems and ecosystem services. My research group aims to contribute to the design of solutions to mitigate and adapt to global environmental change.'

Other contributors to the Master's track