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European Private Law (LLM)

Students and alumni

Alexander Mutafchiyski

Master’s student Alexander Mutafchiyski talks about attending the programme European Private Law and his fascination for the law. ‘After an internship I knew I wanted to pursue a career in law.’

Tania Dimou

Tania Dimou did not have a ‘calling’ when she chose to study law. She was convinced, a law degree would create opportunities in her future professional career. After making such a rational decision she was really surprised that she actually got hooked on the law by taking the Master’s European Private Law.

Inbar Ozer

Inbar Ozer knew at an early age that he wanted to become a lawyer. Therefore, he decided to study law, he wanted to understand how law systems work. After his Bachelor’s he chose the Master’s European Private Law.

Phillip Becker

Phillip Becker from Germany had been working as a solicitor in England for five years when he chose to take a year off from the office to study European Private Law at the Amsterdam Law School.

Johannes Mönch

Johannes Mönch was inspired by his professors at the Amsterdam Law School to strive for greatness: ‘The LLM in European Private Law offers the chance to acquire the knowledge that makes you a truly European lawyer.’

European Private Law student Martha Asio

Martha Asio was attracted to the Amsterdam Law School because of the wide range of LLM programmes on offer: ‘This creates an environment with many different types of students, from a variety of countries and backgrounds.’