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European Private Law (LLM)
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Amsterdam Law Practice

The European Private Law in Practice course provides students with an opportunity to learn about the EU’s private law-making process in an interactive manner. The course is a simulation of the EU’s legislative procedure, based on a currently pending or fictitious legislative proposal.

Students are asked to assume the roles of the European Commission, the European Parliament, the European Council and relevant stakeholders. They are expected to take into account the tasks and roles of the EU institution or another relevant actor they are representing within the simulation, including the internal organisation, decision making and dynamics within these institutions. While remaining in their assigned roles, students will provide amendments to the legislative proposal, discuss them and lobby for their inclusion. The course focuses on proposals that aim to improve or supplement the existing European private law, thereby allowing students to gain in-depth knowledge of some of its core aspects.  

As part of Amsterdam Law Practice, an Experiential Education programma, this course enables students to learn about the roles of and interactions between the EU’s law-making institutions and other relevant actors. It focuses on the specific characteristics of private law, and aims to strengthen their problem-solving, research, analytical, communication and cooperation skills.