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Forensic Science
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Rick Cents, Digital Forensic Examiner at Dutch police

Before starting the master Forensic Science in 2013, I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. When I read about the master Forensic Science I thought it would be really interesting to apply the knowledge I learned during my Bachelor into the forensic field. What I really liked was the wide variety of topics and the possibility to specialise using elective courses and the research project.


I did my research project at the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI). My research project focused on the use of photo response non-uniformity (PRNU) patterns for the comparison of online videos. PRNU patterns are a type of noise present in pictures and videos. This type of noise is unique for every camera and we wanted to determine if PRNU patterns can be used after videos are uploaded to the internet to determine if the online videos are taken by the same camera.

After the master I started looking for a job where I could apply the forensic knowledge in a practical environment. I applied for a job at the Dutch police as a digital forensic investigator. One of the aspects which you learn in the master is to communicate difficult terminology to persons with another background and to translate this to an understandable report. You have to work together with experts from other disciplines and you need to be able to communicate effectively to take split second decisions. The master really helped to develop this skill by working closely together with fellow students.

The master offers great opportunities for students to start networking at the various events in order to prepare for a career and to talk about research and/or job openings. This gives students the chance to find topics that you are really interested in and may eventually lead to a research project in the organisation you would like to work in.