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Forensic Science
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I am the student advisor for both the Master’s programme Forensic Science and the Bachelor’s in Future Planet Studies. My work is very diverse. I organise a number of information meetings for all students throughout the year and am involved in the information events of the UvA.

Personal contact with students is a very important part of my work: I help students with all kinds of practical matters like selecting specialisation courses or finding a Research Project, but I also guide them in all administrative matters. At the end of the first year I have a personal meeting with each student about their progress and their plans for the second year.

The work of a study adviser is very diverse. I like helping students find their way around the university, within their studies and provide them with tips and advice. As a study adviser I am also here in case something personal comes up, such as illness or other issues. You can contact me with every kind of problem or question that gets in the way of your studies. Conversations are confidential, and I can help arrange facilities or get professional help where needed.

Working with students from the Forensic Science master is very rewarding. Most of them have a very good idea of what they want to learn and what they wish to pursue in life. Forensic Science is a very exciting field of study, I am always very interested to see the different research projects our students get involved in. I hope our students can truly broaden their perspective in this interdisciplinary Master’s programme and be a veritable credit to their future workplace.