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Forensic Science
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Marouschka Vink

In 2016, I graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a bachelor’s degree in Physics and Astronomy. I first decided on continuing my Physics-curriculum and applied for a Master’s programme in Physics. After a few months I decided to quit the programme because I was sure about the field I wanted to work in; forensics. I started Forensic Science in September 2017.


I wanted to study Forensic Science because I believe there is more to learn and develop in life than just scientific knowledge. I knew that it is a hard field to become part of, so I wanted to take every opportunity that could improve my chances to succeed in the field as soon as possible. The programme definitely gives you a lot of these opportunities, which makes it very authentic. I now realise that physics plays a major role in forensics and the program made me very enthusiastic about my own specialism again. Although it is nothing like CSI, it is still really nice to recognise the contribution of your knowledge to society. For me, this is what science is about and something I really missed in my bachelor’s. I have no clear plan for my research project or future yet, but I hope that a PhD is an option for me. 

Meet experts from the field

A typical week at this Master’s is a mixture of lectures, practical work and field trips. Lectures are often from experts in the field. You can ask them whatever you like about his/her experiences, which I think is a big advantage. Practical work often consists of team work where you combine your expertise to, for example, solve a mock case or where you work together on a presentation about mathematical or logical fallacies in the courtroom. We also spent a lot of time on our professional development by maintaining a personal portfolio. The field trips I had so far were visiting the National Police Force and the Police Academy. I like this variation a lot and for me the program is the perfect fit.