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Forensic Science
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Sander Hansen

Already during my Bachelor Computer Science, I knew that I wanted to do something more for society than just work for a big corporation. In my minor, I stumbled upon a course about crime and immediately my interest was there. I did not want to do a Master where I would let go of my Science background therefore the Master Forensic Science was perfect, a combination between the field of crimes and science.

I started the master programme in 2019 and I found it difficult to know what expectations to have for the program, especially the interdisciplinary part of the masters where I would get courses in completely different subjects than I was used to. My interests have always been broader than just Computer Science, but the last time I had a Biology class was more than five years ago. But because some of the other students do have a background in Biology they could help me during the first few weeks of the DNA courses. During the Cyber Crime course, I could help others the same way. Since there are only around 30 people in the masters, you really get to know each other. Which is a really nice social aspect of this master. You share a common interest but most of the people have different backgrounds from which you can learn a lot. 

In all the courses however, there was a common ground which was new for everyone regardless of the backgrounds of my fellow students, namely that we should know how to put our knowledge into the forensic framework. We learned how to reason like a forensic scientist and don't draw conclusions too quickly, since this could have disastrous consequences for the people involved. Thinking within forensic framework came back in every course and therefore helped a lot in understanding courses you are less familiar with, by comparing it to the topics you are familiar with. 

Next year, I will start with my specialisation electives and go back to the Computer Science field, after which I will have to find an internship. I just started emailing organisations to inform about the find out where they have what kind of internships they have and to find one which suits my interests. I also hope the internship will give a view of what I want to do after the master’s programme.