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Master Forensic Science

Robert van Vorstenbosch, MSc student

For many people the study choice is very easy, but if you can’t decide it can be quite a pain. Before studying the master Forensic Science I did a bachelor in chemistry. I liked it, but somehow it felt cold to me. The problems we were trained to solve seemed to be too big, and I was not at all sure if all the answers were necessarily to be found in chemistry. Moreover, all the music I made in my spare time gave me a wonderful feeling: a deeper connection with other people. This I missed in my study.

Photo Robert van Vorstenbosch

I started with Forensic Science in 2014. The reason I went to study forensic science was that I hoped that it would give me a more connected feeling just as in music, as the problems you try to solve relate much more to individual lives of people. After following some courses, I discovered that data analysis (statistics) and spectroscopy are my favorite topics. At the moment I am doing my internship at Shell. Here I am looking into the separation and identification of isomers, which can be interesting as a forensic chemical fingerprint in multiple applications.

The masters turned out to be a good choice. A lot of teamwork is involved and you really help each other forwards. I liked the personal contact a lot. Everybody really gets a chance to develop themselves and to discover how you can click into a bigger puzzle as an individual. I do not know yet what I will be up to after finishing both masters. Maybe a PhD, maybe work somewhere and even maybe go to a conservatory in Berlin. Or maybe work at the NFI if there is place.

Don’t fool yourself by choosing this master programme: jobs in the forensic world are spare. However, if you want to achieve great goals, don’t be afraid to dream big! Just take into account that this is a working field which might require you to have a plan B as well. Dream big, win big; no guts no glory.