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Photo Vivian Kalamara

Vivian Kalamara, MSc student

I applied and started the master’s programme in Forensic Science in 2015 after I graduated from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with a bachelor’s degree in Biology. I was interested in forensic science and research during my whole bachelor’s studies because it combines scientific research with case work and application of science in forensic cases. 


Photo Robert van Vorstenbosch

Robert van Vorstenbosch, MSc student

For many people the study choice is very easy, but if you can’t decide it can be quite a pain. Before studying the master Forensic Science I did a bachelor in chemistry. I liked it, but somehow it felt cold to me. The problems we were trained to solve seemed to be too big, and I was not at all sure if all the answers were necessarily to be found in chemistry. Moreover, all the music I made in my spare time gave me a wonderful feeling: a deeper connection with other people. This I missed in my study.


Lydia Jochems

Lydia Jochems, MSc student

I started the master Forensic Science in 2016 after finishing my bachelor’s in Biology. Already during my bachelor’s I knew I wanted to do this master. I did like biology as well, but did not see my future in fundamental research, because I like to know the purpose I am working towards. I think this is what interests me the most about forensics, the purpose you are working for motivates me. I expected to learn the general aspects of the different fields within forensics to later decide in what field to specialize.

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Jesse Verbunt

Jesse Vebunt, MSc student

Before I started the master’s program in 2016, I graduated at Avans University of Applied Science in Forensic Chemistry. During my time in Breda, I did several internships related to chemistry and forensics chasing the dream of being a forensic scientist.

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Aida Ploco

Aida Pločo, MSc student

With a BSc diploma in engineering and a MSc diploma in computer science, choosing to do a second master's degree in forensic science seemed to many as an odd choice. This is mostly because people often forget that forensics is not only about biology and chemistry, it's an interdisciplinary field combining all sorts of areas of expertise.

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Marouschka Vink

In 2016, I graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a bachelor’s degree in Physics and Astronomy. I first decided on continuing my Physics-curriculum and applied for a Master’s program in Physics. After a few months I decided to quit the program because I was sure about the field I wanted to work in; forensics. I started Forensic Science in September 2017.

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