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Ate Kloosterman

Prof. Ate Kloosterman

As Professor of Forensic Biology at the UvA, Ate Kloosterman works towards the further development of forensic DNA research. One of his key research interests is non-human biological traces. He is also researching the development of methods for investigating human traces.

Prof Maurice Aalders, professor Forensic Biophysics

Prof. Maurice Aalders

Maurice Aalders is Professor in Forensic Biophysics at the Faculty of Medicine (AMC-UvA) and focuses his research on the interface of applied physics, chemistry and biomedical sciences. He did earlier work on optical techniques for diagnostics in medical oncology, such as fluorescence imaging and optical coherence tomography.

Maarten Blom, Forensic Science

Maarten Blom, PhD

I teach the courses “Criminalistics and Analytical Chemistry” and “Chain of Evidence” in the Master Forensic Science and I am also a member of the Program Committee of Forensic Science. I have a background is in bioanalytical chemistry.


Prof. Radboud Winkels

My name is Radboud Winkels and I am associate professor in Computational Legal Theory at the Law Faculty of the UvA. My background is in Psychology and Artificial Intelligence. I coordinate the course on “Reasoning and Formal Modelling” and chair the Program Committee of Forensic Science.

Photo Erwin Matthijssen

Erwin Matthijssen, PhD cadidate

I am a forensic firearms examiner working for the Netherlands Forensic Institute and a PhD candidate at the Radboud University, Nijmegen and Leiden University. I coordinate the course “Observer Based Techniques” in the Forensic Science Master’s programme.  

foto Kerri Colman

Kerri Colman, PhD candidate

I am an alumna of the Forensic Science Master’s programme and currently a PhD candidate at the Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam. The focus of my research is virtual bone models, for use in forensic anthropology. I coordinate the course “Physical and Forensic Anthropology”.