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Academic staff

Information Systems (MSc Information Studies)

Frank Nack


Name: Dr. Frank Nack

Education: PhD (Lancaster University)

Position at UvA: Information Systems programme director, assistant professor

'I received my PhD with a thesis on “The Application of Video Semantics and Theme Representation for Automated Film Editing,” at Lancaster University, UK. Since then I worked in various research and art institutions on the problem of human communication and creativity in the context of knowledge-based media systems.'

'My research interests cover fields such as the study and creation of systems that enhance human communication and creativity, the detection, representation and manipulation of experiences in ambient environments, interactive storytelling, computational applications of media theory & semiotics, AI and film (semantics, semiotics, perception) and computational humour theory.'

'Interesting about the Information Systems track is the focus on the relation between human behaviour and its impact on the development of communication technology and services in changing contexts is in particular appealing. The fascinating aspect here is that communication is investigated from different points of view, which allows students to gain an overview over the broad field but still master the specialty that is close to their interest. A student in this programme should be open minded to all aspects of communication, media, and interaction, eager to learn, create realities out of their imagination, think out of the box …. and then reflect about those processes and their results in a constructive manner.'